Minnesota Fishing Informations and Resources

Get the latest fishing reports from the forum and angling information from some of the best Fishing Guides in the state. Whether on the ice, shore on the rivers or open water, this resource was developed to promote lively discussion and to help you find information from where they’re biting to who caught the Big One. We also have Lake maps, DNR information and a comprehensive directory of fishing resources, tournaments, bait shops and resorts all for the avid angler. We even have blogs for our users! Check out why we are the fastest growing fishing site on the WEB.


Minnesota Fishing Informations and Resources

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Welcome to My Fishing Pals… Glad to have you aboard!

So… what is My Fishing Pals and why is it here? First and foremost, MFP is about fishing. Second, MFP is about fishing in the great State of Minnesota! We are a non-profit group of gals and guys who like fishing and wanted a way to share some of our experiences, pictures, stories and other information on-line.

Okay, how exactly does this all work? It’s really quite simple, you can become a member and post stuff. Nothing more complicated then that. We run this site as a Democracy and our members get a say on how things are built and how things are run. In fact, the whole design of the site is from suggestions posted by the users.

So… what are the member’s obligations? There are no obligations. All you need to do is sign up. We do not keep any of your information on file nor do we sell email lists of our users. This is a non-profit web site and we will keep it as such. All information is kept confidential!

Are there any benefits to signing up? Youbetchya! You can post items in the Want Ads, get fishing reports, look for fishing companions on the Find a Fishing Partner page, share a story… whatever you want! Also – Every User gets their own Fishing Blog!

Sportsman’s Lodge Says:

My Fishing Pals website has been an excellent gateway for us to share current fishing information from our area out to many outdoor enthusiasts in a matter of seconds that we wouldn’t normally have contact with. It is amazing how many hits we see come thru to our website within a matter of mere seconds of doing a post. I think the website is a great way for anglers to be able to build relationships, share stories, pictures and find resources about the great sport of fishing. We have made several new contacts and customers because of your website. Hats off to you, keep up the good work pals!

Jacki LaValla
Marketing Director
Sportsman’s Lodge
Lake of the Woods, MN

Wigwam Resort Says:
My Fishing Pals has been a welcomed addition to the internet for Minnesota guides and fisherman alike. I have been able to make many new contacts on this site and I just see it growing in the future. Besides the Wigwam Resort’s blog, I also maintain a blog on My Fishing Pals. I believe that this site is reaching the masses and I wish to be a long time blogger on here and recommend it to everyone that I get the chance to.
Wigwam Fisherman aka Jean-Paul Tessier
General Manager
Wigwam Resort
3502 Four Mile Bay Dr. NW
Baudette, MN 56623
Iron Range Guide Service Says:
From quality, useful tips and up-to-date fishing reports, to, quite simply, the most friendly group of people on the web, you can’t go wrong by joining and becoming a member of My Fishing Pals.
Steve (slovene)
Iron Range Guide Service
Minnesota Fishing Blog Says:
There are many sites about fishing in Minnesota, but the one site that is the most friendly and helpful is My Fishing Pals. I would recommend joining and finding out why it is one of the fastest growing fishing sites on the WEB.
Ted Anderson (Ted)
Ted’s Minnesota Fishing Blog

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This is by far the most popular part of the site. Here you can get fishing reports, info from guides, user reviews on fishing products or you can sell stuff in our want ads. We even added a section that isn’t even related to fishing.

Fishing Pictures

Most Recent Pictures (click on image for a larger view)

So, you’ve checked the latest fishing reports, found a lake and caught a lunker. Send a picture to My Fishing Pals and we will display that trophy fish for you. What a great way to show off that big fish. And if you’re like us, catch, snap a photo and release that whopper back to its home. Maybe you will catch it again when it’s bigger yet. And for all you Minnesota GuidesResort Owners and Bait and Tackle Shop Owners, if you send us an image, My Fishing Pals will not only display that trophy fish or stringer, we will also link to your web site. What a great way to get some FREE advertisement!

Fishing Resources Page
Our fishing resources are second to none. The directory is an international list of businesses not only related to Minnesota, but to angling thoughout the world. Do you have a site related to fishing? Then why not add your fishing link to the Fishing Resources Page page! We do not store any of this information and you will NOT be put on a mailing list.

Lake Maps
Now you can download your favorite MN lake map showing the contours of your best fishing spots. Can’t find your lake map here? Just drop us an email and we will see if we can find it. Lake maps are added as per user requests. Requires Acrobat Reader.

DNR Press Releases
Get the latest news straight from the Minnesota DNR right here! Our DNR news feed is updated daily so you can find the latest news affecting minnesota fishermen today. The latest in restorations, records, studies; anything that is news-worthy – straight from the DNR!

Tournaments and Events
Whether looking for a bass tournament on Minnetonka or a walleye tournament on Lake of the Woods or on Mille Lacs, here are some tournaments and events graciously contributed by our users. The tournaments are listed in order by date with most linked to websites for more information.

DNR Fishig Information
For links to current fishing regulations, licensing information, state records, historical ice-out dates, species, lake finder, boating regulations, boat licensing and more! Ever wanted all your Minnesota DNR links all in one spot? Check out this page! Finally no more surfing through all the junk to get the DNR information you need. Just click and you are there.

Learn all the tips and tricks along with the secrets to successful fishing in Minnesota. These fishing articles are written by those who know what they are talking about and were generously contributed by Minnesota Guides and others who invest much time into fishing.

Do you have a whopper of a fish tale to tell? Why not post your story here? Come on folks, we all have that yarn about the one that got away. You know, the one that could of gone on your wall. This is the perfect opportunity to brush up on your writing skills and post that story you usually save for around the campfire.


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I love fishing. You put that line in the water and you don’t know what’s on the other end. Your imagination is under there.
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