Why More Minnesota Fishing Links?

We have had people email us and ask why we are so willing to put what are obviously competitors websites on our site. And on the Home Page no less! Well the answer is simple... we don't have any competition. This site does not sell products and we receive no monies from any party. All development is done on our own time at no cost to anyone but us. We just had an urge to start something that we thought would be kind of cool. You fish right? (at least we think you do otherwise you wouldn't be here). And if you could do this in your spare time, and loved fishing the way we do, we think you would be doing the same.

So the links you see are from sites that we enjoy and find useful. We are even a members on some of their forums. And when we go fishing, we post reports on their forums. How do you like them apples?

Another point we want to make on this rant is that we welcome all Guides, Resorts, and Bait and Tackle shops in Minnesota to send us info on their sites or service. We ask nothing in return. They can post links to their sites in the forum, send photos with links to their sites, list themselves in the Search Engine or any other of the resources we can conjure up. We just want this site to be useful to all who love to fish Minnesota Lakes!


Free advertisement? You betchya!
Post anything? Just so kids can read it too.
Link to anyone, even competitors? Who cares.

We are just trying to build a worthwhile and informative website.