Fishing Stories

Here are some of the fishing stories that have been sent in. If you ask us, some of these could be considered whoppers or tall tales. Why? Because fishermen are the best storytellers in the world! Each fish caught (or not caught) can be considered a new experience. As for the one that got away? It's funny how that fish grows with every telling.
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Fishing Stories from Minnesota

Before the advent of the Internet, fishermen would sit around the campfire and tell these types of stories and then slap their knees and laugh as the younger generation soaked it in. So, sit back and relax, click a few stories and enjoy.

If you would like to give us your whopper of a story, Click Here and send us a copy! (Sorry, you must be registered in My Fishing Pals Forum to post a story. It's easy, fun, and doesn't cost a thing!)
Just a Fish - submitted by JCU
Hag Creek Story - submitted by WebDude
My sons first Walleye! - submitted by walldigger
Muskie--There Ain't No Such Thing - submitted by The Fisher
What do you mean you found it DEAD? - submitted by Bobber Down
Ever Have One of Those Nights? - submitted by justnorth
Kabatogama - submitted by welleyking25
Where's the landing net? - submitted by captjon
Mille Lacs Lake Story - submitted by Vince
Rum River Runnin' - submitted by MuskyBandit
Fourth of July Fly - submitted by Moose Track
Young and Stupid - submitted by AdfJohn
2fer1 luck - submitted by jism
two for the price of one - submitted by pebo 1