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Our Fishing Forum includes information on fishing in Minnesota along with fishing reports, hunting reports, info posted from bait and tackle shops, resorts and guides - all to help you plan for a fishing vacation or your next fishing trip.
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Welcome to the Fishing Forum... Glad to have you aboard! These pages are by far the most popular pages on the site. Here you can get fishing reports, info from guides, user reviews on fishing products or you can sell stuff in our want ads. We even added a section that isn't even related to fishing.

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Minnesota Fishing Reports - Fishing reports, where to fish, anything related to specific areas.
General Fishing Forum - General banter, get-togethers or anything else that doesn't fit in other forums.
Reports Outside of MN - Posts from outside the Minnesota area! All Users Welcome!
Minnesota Hunting Forum - A hunting forum for all you hunters that asked for it!
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Kids - Move over, you old farts, and let the kids show you how it's done!
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Fishing Forum How would you grade Trump thus far?
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12 nofishfisherman nofishfisherman on 02/23/17 at 08:45 AM 58
Fishing Forum fishing with grandkids 8 A frayed knot Grumpy ol man on 02/22/17 at 04:01 PM 1824
Fishing Forum COME ON ALREADY!!!
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32 rong56345 Grumpy ol man on 02/22/17 at 12:43 PM 253
Fishing Forum Hows the ice holding up in your area? 4 nofishfisherman Grumpy ol man on 02/22/17 at 12:22 PM 27
Fishing Forum Here come the Democraps For Your Guns! 8 mnoutside Grumpy ol man on 02/22/17 at 09:19 AM 1002
Fishing Forum Hey All You Panty Waist Bambi Killers
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14 SurfsUp Grumpy ol man on 02/21/17 at 11:31 PM 884
Fishing Forum River Backwater Fishing - 1st Catfish 5 MN BassFisher Grumpy ol man on 02/21/17 at 07:48 PM 450
Fishing Forum 5 Foot Muskie on Pelican Lake 3 FishCat Grumpy ol man on 02/21/17 at 07:07 PM 233
Fishing Forum Old, New, and Barely Here Users PLEASE RESPOND
        1   2  
12 nofishfisherman Grumpy ol man on 02/20/17 at 06:45 PM 93
Fishing Forum B.A.S.S. Returns! 3 rong56345 rong56345 on 02/17/17 at 04:26 PM 33
Fishing Forum Gun Control?
        1   2   3   4   5   6  
58 nofishfisherman nofishfisherman on 02/17/17 at 09:15 AM 14059
New Fishing Thread Long Point Resort (Joyce) 1 Sand Burr Sand Burr on 02/02/17 at 10:45 AM 25
Fishing Forum Nils hand auger 3 spike Sand Burr on 01/31/17 at 07:10 PM 59
Fishing Forum New to the forum 8 Grumpy ol man Grumpy ol man on 01/10/17 at 03:46 PM 111
New Fishing Thread Backup Plan Bluegills (video) 1 MN BassFisher MN BassFisher on 01/05/17 at 11:46 AM 42
Fishing Forum new lake map 6 KBenson WebDude on 01/03/17 at 07:40 AM 1200
Fishing Forum New Michigan State Record Flathead Catfish 5 Bkchero Sand Burr on 12/20/16 at 12:08 PM 1246
Fishing Forum Lake Osakis ice 5 Retired on Osakis Sand Burr on 12/20/16 at 12:04 PM 154
New Fishing Thread Lake Mary Ice 1 LakeAngler LakeAngler on 12/19/16 at 08:02 PM 63
Fishing Forum Bow Hunting
        1   2   3   4  
31 nofishfisherman Grumpy ol man on 12/19/16 at 10:41 AM 1173
Fishing Forum College Student Performing Research: Help Require 2 GeorgeA WebDude on 12/09/16 at 07:59 AM 73
Fishing Forum B.A.S.S. at Mille Lacs
        1   2  
12 rong56345 rong56345 on 11/20/16 at 08:09 AM 316
New Fishing Thread Blaine Hardwater Expo/Gander First Ice Forest Lak 1 Sand Burr Sand Burr on 11/16/16 at 12:15 PM 77
Fishing Forum My latest art 4 daninthewoods daninthewoods on 11/15/16 at 06:47 AM 94
Fishing Forum Zimmerman area newbie, fishing from shore? 3 frawri73 FishCat on 11/14/16 at 11:33 AM 105
Fishing Forum MLB star Jose Fernandez dies in boating accident 2 FishCat Sand Burr on 09/26/16 at 08:24 AM 112
Fishing Forum Mississippi River Fishing at Elk River, MN 3 Japitect FishCat on 09/13/16 at 02:43 PM 161
Fishing Forum Big Sandy Lake Memorial report 2016 6 Sand Burr bflaata on 09/09/16 at 08:35 AM 359
Fishing Forum End of a Era 8 Sand Burr Sand Burr on 08/08/16 at 12:31 PM 199
Fishing Forum Navionics SonarChart and WebApp 2 cjkrolak Sand Burr on 06/06/16 at 08:05 AM 208
Fishing Forum Fishing Opener 2016
        1   2  
11 Sand Burr WebDude on 06/02/16 at 06:55 PM 650
Fishing Forum Smelt Fishing 2016
        1   2  
18 Domino Dave Domino Dave on 05/17/16 at 12:54 PM 884
Fishing Forum Title transfer problems... 6 Bass Treble Sand Burr on 04/27/16 at 12:15 PM 257
New Fishing Thread Dirtball RIP 1 Sand Burr Sand Burr on 04/20/16 at 11:25 AM 192
Fishing Forum 220 killed my dog
        1   2   3   4   5  
41 So Sad So Sad on 04/14/16 at 04:09 PM 7026
Fishing Forum Wanted: Crossbow 2 trade 4 Fish & Hunt Stuff 2 luckyshot Das Blade on 04/02/16 at 09:30 PM 239
New Fishing Thread swivels 1 spike spike on 04/02/16 at 04:32 PM 214
Fishing Forum Turkey 2016 2 Sand Burr Domino Dave on 03/16/16 at 06:14 PM 215
Fishing Forum Small Lake & Huge Gills 3 MN BassFisher MN BassFisher on 03/02/16 at 11:37 PM 319
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Fishing Forum Hammering Slab Crappies 4 MN BassFisher MN BassFisher on 02/18/16 at 10:22 AM 333
Fishing Forum Take a look, what do you think? 3 daninthewoods WebDude on 02/13/16 at 08:33 AM 270
Fishing Forum A few Nice Pictures from Brad 3 WebDude MN BassFisher on 02/10/16 at 11:40 AM 296
Fishing Forum New to Minnesota 4 PeppermintDeer Domino Dave on 01/27/16 at 02:18 PM 408
Fishing Forum Happy 60th Webdude 6 Sand Burr Domino Dave on 01/27/16 at 02:13 PM 259
Fishing Forum Love the Outdoors 4 PeppermintDeer nofishfisherman on 01/26/16 at 12:29 AM 256
Fishing Forum My latest project 3 daninthewoods Sand Burr on 01/13/16 at 12:16 PM 324
Fishing Forum Lake of the Woods, MN now SELLING shore lots 9 Persistant Pete Persistant Pete on 01/12/16 at 05:00 PM 1169

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