Young and Stupid

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Young and Stupid

Young and Stupid as told by AdfJohn

My brother and I would meet a couple of our freinds up on the Kabatogama chain annually for some fishing, camping, and beers around the fire. It was that time of year again and we were pumped up. We both took a day off of work so we could get up their early and set up camp to insure us a spot on the lake.

We loaded the boat up with tons of gear, beer, and food for the extended weekend, and launched our boat at the landing. There was another boat sitting there, a 17.5' Lund, and a couple of guys just sitting around.

"How's the fishing?" my brother asked.

"Haven't been out, waiting for the wind to do die down." was the guys reply.

I just figured he couldn't anchor or troll with the wind the way it was, so we started up the old 14' Lund and 15hp Johnson and pulled away from the dock. The 2 men said something as we were pulling away, but we couldn't hear them and yelled, "Thanks, good luck to you too!"

As we came out of the bay and around the corner we hit a wave and we were instantly soaked and and surprised how big the waves were. I started crawling around on the gear to get the front of the boat higher because we had so much I didn't have a seat. I was young and stupid, and my brother didn't have as much experience as I had driving a boat, I let him drive though since he is the older one. Also not bright on my part. I kept my head down to keep the water out of my face, but I could see out of the side of the boat and these waves were getting bigger, and we are starting to get slower. Oh yeah, and lower. I started to look around, and we were in the middle of the channel that is about 3/4 of a mile wide. The wave behind the boat was about a foot higher then the transom, and I pointed it out to my brother, he kind of freaked and let of the gas. We are going derictly into the heavy wind, so I did what any man would do and SCREAM! He hit the gas again quickly but we took on more water.

He suggests turning around, I did not see that being a possibility without turning over so I said to slow down a bit and let the waves push us back slowly, we will go back the way we came with the boat facing the same direction. I said I had more experience but that isn't saying alot. It didn't work, the bow came down to much and the waves were so big that the nose of the boat would just barely cut the through without it coming over the top. Once, it came over the top hard and I yelled, "Another like that and we are done!"

He kept it full throttle while I bailed what I could with a small cooler I dumped out and kind of let the boat go diagnally with the waves towards the nearest shore. We found a small clearing on the edge and got to it but the waves were still huge and we actually landed the boat sideways and backed it into shore with prop and all. lucky we were on shore because the boat would have went over if it was any deeper. We gathered up all the driftwood we could find and stuck it under the boat when the waves hit until it quit pounding the rocky shoreline, then we grabbed the cooler of beer and went up into the clearing and sat on a rock.

I had never said a word to him the whole time since the warning of impending doom. After about 4 beers a peice, a DNR barge came by (The only boat that came by for 5 hours), and saw us, he slowed, and we waved. The occupants looked at eachother shuck their heads and kept going. Finally my brother grabs another beer, looks at me and says, "Where you scared?"

I calmly said, "Yep." And fixed up a couple lindy rigs to fish of bottom. I normally don't drink before noon, I have morals, but we were feeling fine when the rest of the party should up at 2 P.M. that day.

This was when I was 28 years old, now I have a bigger boat with a much bigger motor because I am 30, and still young and stupid. I will never grow up.