Ever Have One of Those Nights?

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Ever Have One of Those Nights?

Ever Have One of Those Nights? as told by justnorth

Putter, Murphy (you know the one that writes those crazy laws), and I heard the night bite was on at Mille Lacs Lake.

As we rigged the boat the night before, We discovered we needed a new stern light so we picked one up and tested all lighting. It all worked great. I asked my son, "who used my second anchor last?" He informed my that my third son named "I DON'T KNOW" (you know - the son that we have never actually met) must have used it and it is missing. With one anchor, off to Mille Lacs we went.

Well, there was a light chop on the lake and we figured that be evening it would subside. WRONG.

We arrived at Hennepin Island early and got set up in a slot ready for some serious slip bobber fishing.

It didn't take long for the wind to come up and the rollers began slapping the boat. That's right, the one anchor wasn't holding and we spent the next hour trying to avoid hitting other boats and hoping to catch a rock the next time we let the anchor down.

Murphy (you know the one that writes those crazy laws) reminded Ol' JustNorth of his friends experience with the DNR's friendly reminder $$$$$$ that boat lighting must be on a half hour before sunset. So I turned on the lights. Hmmm, the bow light bulb, you know the one that we tested the night before, was burnt out.

Putter, the electrician, asked me for a screwdriver and a bulb and proceeded with the repair. Just about this time, and with 40 boats surrounding us, the anchor decides to let loose again. With Putter bent over the bow, and with impending disaster in the form of a brand new Lund Pro V getting ever closer behind me, I informed Putter that we had to let up anchor and move quickly. Putter asked me to wait a minute because he had the light assembly apart and didn't want to loose the set screw. Now let's see, lose a screw or replace a Pro V. I started the motor and we were moving forward (anchor down or not). Just about this time, Murphy informs me to look at Putter's rod. Sure enough the familiar thump thump of an eye bite was resounding off his rod tip. With Putter still bent over the bow, boat bouncing off the rollers, and anchor down I shouted, "Hey Putter, grab your rod!" To late, Kaplunk, over the side of the boat it goes. You know, the brand new rod and reel that he just got special for this trip.

As we stared at each other, with only a look that two guys fishing with Murphy could understand, we watched every boat around us either fighting a fish or landing one.

This is the point of the story where a person should just learn to shut up. But, fishing with Putter for 25 years, I just had to ask, "Putter, you got another rod with you?" Old Putter grumbled something about no, his son named "I DON'T KNOW" had used it and it was missing.

By the time I handed him my spare and he was re-rigged, the boats were all leaving and the bite was over.

It was a long, silent ride, towards a black shore. The rollers were slapping us and Putter was taking the brunt of the spray. As we docked, our other party was just arriving and proceeded to tell Putter about the great success that they had. A 19 incher, a 20 incher, and eight more eyes. They had been watching our antics, and told Putter they could barely land their fish because they were laughing so hard.

Because this is a family web site, I can't tell you the response Putter had for them.

As for Murphy, I think he is still out there. Have you ever fished with Murphy? Tell us your story. Maybe it will make Putter feel better.

Ol' JustNorth

Robb Anderson

Team Justnorth