My sons first Walleye!

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My sons first Walleye!

My sons first Walleye! as told by walldigger

This spring I was fishing Mille Lacs in the mid week after opener. The fishing was phenomenal ! I called my wife and told her to come up and bring my 6 yr old son up for the weekend. The weather was great mid 70’s and very little wind.

My wife gets up there around noon and I take the kid out fishing along with his uncle. We no more than get out there and the wind starts picking up and the temps drop. It isn’t to long and the kid is laying the floor with his winter coat on and mine. The fishing had died so we were just trying to hook one fish for the kid. At this point the he was ready to go in and had quit fishing. All of a sudden Uncle Kurt gets a bite and asked Logan if he wanted to reel it in. Up off the floor he came and the fight was on! The line got tangled, the rod tip in the water, he fell down a couple times (big waves). I thought there wasn’t a chance of getting this fish in. I wanted to help him, but did not. Up out of the water comes a 21 ½ Walleye.

You should of heard the screams. We measured it and got his picture and told him we had to release. He was arguing that we had to keep it. Try to explain slot limits to a 6yr old when he catches his first walleye. Finally I said Logan it is to big and we have to let it go! His response “ but Dad we can always have left overs” I never laughed so hard in my life. When we were coming in thru the channel at Fishermans Wharf every boat we went by he told them he got a 21 ½ incher. On shore there was not a person in that camp ground the did not know Logan got a 21 ½ incher.

We sent the picture into Outdoor news and they printed his picture. He has it on his dresser to this day.

Nothing like seeing your kid catch his first walleye.