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NEW - Gold Glitter Charmer

posted on 10/21/2014
Hot off the "idea press", Tom's Tackle, Inc has just created a new Charmer to add to their assortment. It is called the "Gold Glitter Charmer" and is not even in production yet. We are looking for feedback for how you would think it will work. We feel that the reflections that it could create could be a really good draw. Check us out on facebook and leave a comment.I was not able to add the image here.

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"3/4 ounce jig - a must for river current"

posted on 10/16/2014
Recently,I looked back at a review post from a very satisfied customer, Derik B. Derik had used one of Tom's Tackle's 3/4 ounce jigs in the Spring just after opener in the Four Mile Bay, the pathway to Lake of the Woods. He had posted the review to our Facebook page "A must for the river and heavy currents". I contacted Derik to find out what jig he had used and found out that he had used our 3/4 ounce River Jig, one that we unfortunately no longer make (but have some left in stock).He had caught an awesome eye on that jig and then ended up stopping by the shop to get more lures!

Tom's Tackle's Round Heads - Gran Vaquerra, Rattling Round Heads - are just the thing for the river currents and are very popular, a must have for the tackle box. Fall fishing is still going strong up north here and with the weather staying in the 50's for the next ten days or so, we hope to hear great things about what you pulled your Walleyes in on.

Thanks Derik for the great review!

Like to hear from more of you....what's your favorite jig for river fishing?

Pink Charmer

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Lake of the Woods and Rainy River Fall Fishing

posted on 10/10/2014
The shiners are running, the shiners are running! Hearing reports of shiners coming into the river. In fact, fishing has been awesome over at the Frontier Landing and Birchdale areas. Some were pulling a good amount of keepers while others reported pulling in many that were 19-25". The Lake is producing well also around Zippel Bay and the Gap. Pink and gold seem to be working well. Many are still trying their luck out around the islands and are doing well.Sunshine today and tomorrow with maybe some rain on Sunday but next week looks warmer and sunshine all week! See you on the water!

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