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Taking Mini Me Fishing

posted on 06/14/2011
So provided that I love to fish, I'm trying to get my 7 year old to fish. Now last year I attempted to teach her over at Medicine Lake and what did she catch on her first attempt..........A TURTLE! Needless to say being a female I screamed like a baby. Joke was totally on me. Thank goodness there were some people around to help. Excluding the many laughs and chuckles the guys managed to get the turtle off the hook and freed me from this embarrissing moment for the day.
blush smiley
Yesterday I took her fishing once again, but this time away from the crazy turtle infested area. The kid was getting bites like crazy, except she still haven't caught on to the concept of tightening her line before she yanks it lol. Well she ended up feeding half the fish around the area ooo smiley
I basically gave up and let her fish on her own. So about a few minutes later this little girl brings me a 2 inch sunfish and I started laughing. smile smiley Photobucket
Well at least this time it's not a turtle. This is going to be a very interesting summer........

**So what if I'm a female :p**

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