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5/28/09 Fish Lake - Duluth, MN

posted on 06/03/2009
I spent the day on the lake with my Dad. Got on the water around 11:30-12:00 and fished until about 9:00pm.

It was bright and sunny with a stiff wind out of the NW-NNW.

We spent most of the day trolling spinners. Started on the west end of the lake trolling along some shallow water areas near deeper water. We hit some weedlines and some points. Fished from 5 feet out into 16 feet of water. Couldn't find the walleye in this area but we did land several pike. Fat heads landed the bigger fish while leeches were the key if you wanted the small ones.

We moved out to the main body of the lake and trolled around some of the islands. Again we started in shallow and worked our way deeper. Again no walleyes, and this time no pike either.

We spent some time back on the west end slip bobbering some known fishy spots, we took this time to eat some lunch and figure out our plan of action for the evening bite that we hoped would be alittle better.

We headed back out to the main lake to set up on some wind blown shore lines. The wind was blowing into some of our favorite spots all day so we hoped is would pack in some warmer water plus some bait fish. Spot #1 failed us (not a common occurence), we hit this spot with slip bobbers and jigs, tipped with either a fat head or leech. Not a bite.

Went to spot number two which was another island that had the wind blowing into it all day. This time we trolled as there wasn't as much structure to hold the fish. We circled the entire island starting shallow then working deeper and then back shallower again. Again no walleye, this time however the pike showed up again. Landed another 3-4 pike with an additional perch for flavor.

We fished pretty hard all day, tried multiple techniques that are proven on this lake, hit all the hot spots, plus lots of other areas. We covered a ton of water and ened the day with 6-8 pike, and a perch, not what we were looking for. We probably could have caught the pike all day long as they were pretty aggressive that day. 4-6 feet of water seemed to be where we caught all the pike, smallest was probably 16 inches and the biggest was probably 24-26 inches. Nothing huge but we didn't target them either. The bigger pike are probably in that same water right now we just didn't throw anything big at them.

The lake was full of boats today, most just anchored up on community spots. I saw one boat land a perch and that was it. Didn't see another boat land a single fish all day.

It wasn't the most productive day on the water but the weather was nice and it beat sitting in the office. I'll be back sometime to give it another shot.

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Puppy Update

posted on 05/22/2009
Well since the last month of my life has been almost 100% about the puppy I figured I would post a few new pictures.

Just sitting there.

Giving me "the look"

Sleeping on my shoe.

Laying in the sun.

"Playing" with the cat.

He loves "playing" with the cat, I don't think she likes it much but she tolerates it.

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Ramzi joins the family

posted on 04/18/2009
Just a quick blog entry to brag about my new Vizsla puppy. His name is Ramzi and he's 8 weeks old.





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Still waiting for my first trip.

posted on 04/14/2009
This spring has been a busy one for me so far and it looks to only get more busy.

Normally by this time I've already made a few trips down to the river and so far this year I have yet to take my long rod of the wall of the garage.

I am hoping that changes this week. I have thursday afternoon/evening blocked off for a little river time. If I find encouraging signs I might head down there on Friday as well since I have the day off. It will depend on if I want to give up my afternoon basketball game or not.

Anyways I am looking forward to another spring season of fishing. I plan on trying out a few different plastics this year to see if I can find a new favorite. I'll keep everyone up to date on my findings assuming I can get out enough to try everything I would like to.

On a somewhat unrelated topic, has anyone else experienced this as well...

While working up my garden space this weekend and digging up loads of worms a little part of me started to crave a trip to the local pond with a can of worms and a bobber. Something about the simplicity of it all really peaked my interest. I might have to make some time for that trip to.

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Mississippi River is soon going to give up some fish.

posted on 04/06/2009
If you have been around the forum for awhile you probably know that I like to spend April and May lurking the banks of Pool 2 on the Mississippi River.

As the snow begins to melt bringing the water levels up we start to see some great shore fishing opportunities present themseleves. When you start to see water temps rise into the 40's you know the time is near.

The fishing changes year to year based on water levels, water temp, winds, fishing pressure, and a variety of other factors. Although even a bad year will yeild some good fishing.

The best presentations I have found are a simple chartruese jig with some sort of plastic swim bait. I like to use cheaper jigs and cheaper swim baits because the river is snag heaven. In a good day you'll only lose a few, other days you'll lose a jig on every other cast. Last year I used a bulk pack of 3/8 and 1/4 oz jigs I got at Joe's Sporting Goods. The jigs were the Joe's brand. They were ok jigs for being inexpensive although they would lose their paint quicker then the northland jigs so you would need to change them more often. For swim baits I stuck with the Mr. Twister Sassy Shad in white or Black Pearl colors. The white far out produced any other color though. The white seems to show up very nicely in the brown milky water which seemed to be the key. I also tried Gulp baits but they didn't produce nearly as well and were twice the price.

If the water is still a little cold or the fish are finicky you may also want to try a fat head or better yet a shiner on your jig. Fish it slow... maybe even dead still. You may be able to pick up something that is a little sluggish.

In the area that I fish you can expect walleye, smallmouth, white bass, carp, quillback suckers, crappie (if you time it right), and just about anything else that swims.

I hope to keep regular updates coming through Arpil and May but I'm not sure if I'll be fishing as much this spring with our new puppy coming home in just 2 short weeks. I might find myself on puppy patrol most nights instead.

Remember Pool 2 is catch and release for most game fish including Walleye and Bass so be sure to throw them back. But I encourage you to get out and fish the shorelines. There is alot of easy access and alot of spots that put out fish, and trophy fish at that.

Last years 24 incher, caught Mid April.

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