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posted on 09/15/2009
Amazing Invention !

The Worm Buzzer Designs,
shows you how to build a skillful device which will literally Buzz the Worms out of the ground in seconds.Make no mistakes, the worms will race straight out of the ground to You!

Simply Place The Worm Buzzer rod into the ground, plug it into any outlet and watch the worms come running!

The Worm Buzzer Designs are simple to follow you can have Your unit built and in use within 30 minutes.
You can find the materials you will need at any local hardware store
The cost will be $5 or less, who knows you may have the materials you need lying around your workshop.


Not only will The Worm Buzzer Designs save you money, it's fun for the whole family.
These Designs also make great Gifts.

Once You Have built Your unit
Your WORM BUZZER will help make your future fishing days easier and more relaxing just the way it should be.

-No Digging

-No Mess

-Uses standard household electrical outlet

-Safe and Simple to use

Why pay $5 for a box of worms when you can have an unlimited supply whenever you want or need them. After all The #1 Fishing Bait in the world is WORMS.

What Fish doesnt just go into a frenzy when a worm enters the water.
Whether Fresh or Salt water you get the same effect.

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