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Looking for a little help

posted on 10/08/2009
I have probably 1 good weekend to leave this horrible season on a good note. My last oppurtuntity is MEA weekend 10/16 - 10/18. I am in search of the very elusive Walleye. Here are my options for lakes,

Lac Qui Parle (SW MN)-
Washington (St Peter MN)-
Tetonka (S Central MN) -
Sarah (SW MN) -
Minnewaska (Alexandria Area)-
Alice (Eastern South Dakota) -
Cottonwood/Lady Slipper (SW MN)-

If anyone can give me some help with the status of these lakes and some advice I would greatly appriciate it. Also if anyone has some other lakes in SW MN, South Central MN, Or Eastern South Dakota that are producing some fish please let me know.

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Gull Lake Bound

posted on 09/01/2009
Looking foward to Labor Day weekend! Will be at Grandview lodge and fishing the Gull chain for 3 days. Full moon going to try some night fishing!

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The Oahe has too much water

posted on 07/29/2009
My ussual can't miss location has been tough this past year. We made 2 trips to the Oahe in South Dakota this year and left with 22 Walleyes and 12 Walleyes between the 4 of us. That is quite different the the last 4 years we have left with 32 every time. The lake is so much differnt gaining 40+ feet in depth this year and there are millions of things to get snagged on. This time we had to move more south then ussual (Little Bend). The fish were much bigger at least and gave a better fight. I felt bad that my wife had such bad luck she lost 4 big walleyes in a matter of hours. She did manage to bring in a nice 4 pounder however. We are looking to head to the Alexandria area this weekend hoping to do better.

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It keeps getting better

posted on 05/19/2009
This last weekend I left work early to run to accross the state in order to have a few hours before the front was supposed to come through. I rushed for 2 and a half hours to get to the lake. When I was less then a mile away a thunderstorm rolled up right on top of it. It was only a short burst and the wind didn't come up right after. We put our boat on the water and started fishing. We were on about a hour when the wind came up to about 40 MPH. I got a bite and set the hook but as I did a big wave knocked me off balance and I grabbed our windsheild breaking it free from the boat. Needless to say I missed the fish. Worst was the waves were pushing us off the lake. After a really interesting loading incident we drove home holding the windsheild so that wouldn't break the glass. We fixed it in about 2 hours but weren't able to get back on the lake the rest of the weekend. My parents were on the lake yesterday and they caught 3 walleyes. There were about 25 boats on the 150 acre lake.

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Another Cold Front on the way

posted on 05/15/2009
Talked to my family late night and they had 9 in the boat at 7:00 fishing for 5 hours. I was excited but with this cold front coming in tonight and 20-30 MPH winds with gusts to 40 the only day I can fish my luck seems to continue. If we can get a boat on the lake I will have a chance at some nice fish... It is a long drive for a big if!

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