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a little stuff you should know about me...

posted on 04/21/2009
i am 17 years old, i celebrate my birthday on November 25. i have had a rough life... i wont go into to much, but i was abused as a child, i could never do anything about it, until one day... i found fishing, it didnt take long before fishing became my escape, my life... my savior... i would come home and almost immediatly grab my stuff and leave to go fishing, it was always as fast as i possibly could to try and avoid any flying fists.... it didnt take long before i got good, when i was 10 years old i was already catching bigger bass, and crappie, then most of the people in the area. i was 12 when i first discovered carp, i caught my first one while i was fishing for crappie, the fight made me immediatly fall in love with them, and that passion has withstood the test of time. i found another love of mine a few years later, in my backyard, i seen a long, eel like fish, and i pitched a jig to it, and i caught it. it was my first ever bowfin, the fight and the rush of the bowfin and its aroebatic manuevers caused instant passion. after that i pretty much forgot about bass, and walleye.

i began fly fishing when when i was 13, mainly targeting bluegills, and crappie. but as my passion for roughfish continued to grow, they also became a target.

today i am well known throughout the area, for being so dedicated, persistant, and good at fishing. i have caught more 5lb+ bass in one year (22 in 2008) than most people do in 5 years.
i have more 2lb+ crappies to many name then some of the best fisherman in the area

but its not my big fish that seems to capture the eyes of people in the area, its my pure dedication and bravery that does.even if hail threatens the windsheilds of vehicles, i go out. if winds are throwing shingles like frisbees, i go out. if thunder shakes the very foundation on houses, i go out. if cars are blinded by white out conditions, i go out. when most people are locked in their houses while extreme cold waits to bite any exposed skin, i go out. while sirens scream the warning of an aproaching tornadoe, i go out.

due to my pure dedication to the sport, and my obvious pro potential, i won the elite angler award on berkley big fish.

well there you go...

i am always looking for a fishing partner btw. it gets old fishing alone for so many years.
feel free to ask me about some of my techniques for fishing, i will happily help out a fellow fisherman

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