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The Novice Fisherman

posted on 04/13/2009
Growing up in the midwest, SD and Neb, I had the opportunity to fish for most of my childhood. Now I live in the valley of the sun, where fishing is something that we dream of. While there are lakes around the area, they are a far cry to the lakes in MN. Deciding to take my 13 yr old son to MN this summer for a two week fishing trip is not only exciting but new to all of us. The way one fished in the early years is the same, however the equipment and styles are all new.
Growing up with a Zebco 33, I was in tall cotton. My grandfather had several bait-casters but when I got the chance to use them all I could do is make a "bird-nest" out of the line. Well today's bait-caster as low profile and with the fancy line, can give a novice person a chance to use such and animal that was at one time a dream.
Practice Practice Practice is the key. We hang out in the back yard casting to a 5 gallon bucket not only for accuracy but to learn how to stop the spool. It might end up that we use them for trolling only allowing the line to slowly peel off rather than taking the chance.
We are excited and anxiously waiting for the end of May to come. I will post more as the time gets near.

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