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Does anyone need fishing buddies???

posted on 04/07/2009
As a Nebraska transplant, I have been here since 2000. I have found it very hard to find people willing to take me fishing or go fishing with. I am an out of practice fisherman who has recently come back to the sport. I was pretty good in my time, but am learning new things all the time. I am new Ice fisherman, we don't get the best ice for ice fishing in Nebraska, or Missouri, where I also lived for a period of time. I love it though. I live in Big Lake, have a family with my wife and two kids. I don't always find time to fish, but I get out whenever I can. I also love hunting. I grew up hunting roosters in the fields of Nebraska, needless to say I have killed a few. Unfortunately I haven't killed any in about 15 yrs. I am also a loyal Cornhusker football fan, as is required of all Nebraska residents, even after they move away from the state. Don't ask me about my team, I will likely tell you more about it than you care to hear. lol.

Good fishing to you all,



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