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Girls allowed... the weekend after!

posted on 05/18/2009
Made it to the cabin around 8:30 Friday night. We unloaded the car and hit the dock. It was COLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!! Wind was out of the North West at about 40mph! We caught 3 walleyes that night. Woke up about 5:30 Saturday morning and hit the dock again! It was snowing a bit, cold and cloudy! We caught 7 walleyes in about 2 hours. We headed in because we were chilled to the bone! I could have stayed out longer but Bobber Down was freezing! :-) We went back out that night and that is when we caught 10 more walleyes! We tried fishing Sunday morning but didnt even get a bite! We were really surprised that we didnt catch any other fish besides walleyes! No northerns, perch, or crappies. Only walleyes!
Over all it was a great weekend of fishing!

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First of the season!

posted on 05/02/2009

Bobber down and I went fishing today! Went to Riley Lake in Eden Prairie. We had lots of nibbles and each caught a sunny! It was a bit windy but it was great to get the rods out and just gets me REALLY REALLY excited for opening fishing soon!

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Looking forward to summer fishing!

posted on 04/26/2009
I am looking forward to some summer fishing! Should be able to get out the weekend after fishing opener!
I am excited to use this blog to show off some of the fish we catch!
Good luck to you all!
grin smiley

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