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posted on 06/02/2009
We'll the lakes are starting to warm up a bit, going to head out today
and see if the Trout can be found.

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Still Ice

posted on 04/27/2009
Well 11 days to go and we still have 24-28inch of ice on the lakes, maybe the rain last night
helped, but I'm not holding my breath. looks like I'm going to have to go south for the opener this year crazy smiley Oh well life in the artic reaches of MN!!

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posted on 04/23/2009
Well It's been 8 years since I had Caught one, I had a day in the T.C. metro area
meet a couple guys out on the Crow River, Had lots of fun no big one's,lots in that 8-10lb
range, it was just great to see open water, next time I need to stay a few days, Panfish fishing
would have been nice, Next time.

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start of a page.

posted on 04/08/2009
This is cool I think what I'm going to use this blog for is journel, I'm not much
of a writter(wish there was spell check) but this is really cool. THANKS WEBDUDE!!!

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