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Two Days and Counting…STURGEON EXCURSION!!!!

posted on 04/22/2009
Good morning to all!!!!

We have another wonderful looking day in northern Minnesota “God’s Country”, and I want to welcome you all to another edition of the Wigwam Fisherman’s Blog. We are only two days away from the Sturgeon Excursion and the excitement is starting to overflow at the Wigwam. I hope all the participants are ready for an excellent weekend of fishing, food and fellowship among like minded fisherman…I know I am. I can’t wait to meet you all for the first time, and I hope that I will see you many times throughout the years to come.

The ice is finally dissipating at a good rate close to the Wigwam docks…so all of you that asked about the ice around the docks now have your answer. We anticipate all the ice being totally gone by this Friday (two days away).

Once again the boats are in front of the Wigwam Resort in Four Mile Bay hammering the fish, Sturgeon and Walleye. Rainy River is still a bit muddy and the debris is flowing…I hope that it will settle down here within the next few days. We still have cold water temps, which mean that the bit is a little slow, but if you’re out in front of the Wigwam, you’re still catching fish and having fun. There has been good size to the fish (Sturgeon 50”-60” and Walleye 20”-30”) and we anticipate that to keep steady throughout the next few weeks as the fish are making their way into the river to do “their business” before they make the journey back into the big lake.

I also want to mention that we had one lodge room open up for two people if anyone is interested in staying with us at the Wigwam Resort during the festivities (April 22 – 25), please call our office if you are interested, remember, first come first serve, so don’t miss out.

The Sturgeon Excursion is only 2 DAYS AWAY…YES!!!!!!!! As mentioned yesterday, there are some festivities that will be held at the Wigwam Resort that you won’t want to miss…it has now been officially opened to the public. There will be a fish fry on Friday April 24th and a buffet meal/raffle on April 25th at the Wigwam Resort for the Sturgeon Excursion crew, guests and now the public. If you are interested in joining these fun filed events, please contact our staff at the Wigwam Resort for more details at (800) 448-9260. Don’t miss out if you’re a fan of fishing, or just a fan of having good old fashion fun, because there will be a ton of it at the Wigwam Resort on Lake of the Woods.

Remember, you don’t need to get a passport this summer to get to paradise. Join us at the Wigwam Resort on Lake of the Woods and let us share our little piece of paradise with you. You will get a taste of our northern Minnesota hospitality, wonderful food, unbelievable fishing and most importantly our fellowship among fishermen/women. We understand that you can go anywhere you want to go on your vacation, and if you decide to stay with us at the Wigwam Resort, you will be treated as one of our family members. We can’t wait to meet you and look forward to seeing each and every one of you this coming spring, summer, winter and fall fishing seasons.

My shout out today will go to a couple of great individuals that I had the opportunity to meet last night with my brother. They are all part of the world renowned service crew with Marvin Windows and Doors (Derek, Jeff and Kevin). There dedication to service is what I wish to bring to the Wigwam Resort. Thank you for sharing your stories and you are all welcome in my boat at anytime. Best of luck with everything, you are truly the best in your trade.

Happy fishing to all, and to all a good day!

Wigwam Fisherman aka Jean-Paul Tessier
Wigwam Resort

Wigwam Fisherman


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