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posted on 04/16/2009
I have started a better blog that allows me to post pictures that I actually take. I know that you guys would love to check it out. It is through Google, not another fishing site. So I hope you guys don't mind.

Check it out! http://wigwamresortlow.blogspot.com/

Hope you guys enjoy!

Wigwam Fisherman

Wigwam Fisherman


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Posted By nofishfisherman on 04/16/2009

If you want you can add those photos to your blog on MFP as well. Since you already have them on the internet its pretty simple to add them to this site as well.
Posted By nofishfisherman on 04/16/2009

The instructions for posting a picture can be found in the top post on any of the forums, the info on how to add a picture is about half way down on the post.
Posted By WebDude on 04/16/2009

Mmmm... that wasn't to hard to add an image from your other blog... try giving it a shot.
Posted By BigBite on 04/16/2009

Yeah,, I had a blog there too, at one time. The problem is that no one ever sees it. I kept it there for a year and had no comments... not a one. Google shows that there are 1,299,262,931 blogs on the web right now. Of those, 513,840,306 are hosted by Google... googd luck!
Posted By Wigwam Fisherman on 04/16/2009

I will keep posting my blog on here also and then take the pics from the google blog. Thanks for the heads up. I just wanted people to see exactly what I was talking about. I love my fishing pals!
Posted By WebDude on 04/16/2009

Hey Wigwam... could I add those pics to our picture pages? That would be great if I could.