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Still waiting for my first trip.

posted on 04/14/2009
This spring has been a busy one for me so far and it looks to only get more busy.

Normally by this time I've already made a few trips down to the river and so far this year I have yet to take my long rod of the wall of the garage.

I am hoping that changes this week. I have thursday afternoon/evening blocked off for a little river time. If I find encouraging signs I might head down there on Friday as well since I have the day off. It will depend on if I want to give up my afternoon basketball game or not.

Anyways I am looking forward to another spring season of fishing. I plan on trying out a few different plastics this year to see if I can find a new favorite. I'll keep everyone up to date on my findings assuming I can get out enough to try everything I would like to.

On a somewhat unrelated topic, has anyone else experienced this as well...

While working up my garden space this weekend and digging up loads of worms a little part of me started to crave a trip to the local pond with a can of worms and a bobber. Something about the simplicity of it all really peaked my interest. I might have to make some time for that trip to.

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Posted By jeffd on 04/14/2009

You know reading your post, makes me wonder if fishing like automobiles are getting to technical? the days of taking the pole, worms and bobber out seem like they are long gone. I grew up fishing like this, leaving the house early in the am, walking the couple miles behind the house through the corn fields to the lone creek. We would sit on the bridge used for crossing equipment and drift fish with worms and corn. When we got hungry we would simply eat the corn. Man I wish my son could experience such a life, but those days seem to be passing us by. Great post.
Posted By nofishfisherman on 04/15/2009

I have always been drawn to the simplicity of fishing. Rarely will you see me fishing some sort of complex rig. Jig and minnow/leech/plastic is about as fancy as it gets for me. I remember the hook-worm-bobber days very well, I guess for me they were only 15 years ago. I think introducing kids to the simplicity of fishing is still something we can and should do despite all the other distractions they have and all the fancy gear we could throw at them if we wanted. I believe any kid would rather sit on the shore of their local lake with a bucket of worms and catch 100 small sunfish all day long rather then head to Mille Lacs and pull lindy rigs all day hoping to land a few walleye. Each trip has its time and place but there is certainly something to be said for the simplicity of the hook and worm.