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One Day Closer to the Sturgeon Excursion!!!!

posted on 04/14/2009
Good morning to all my friends!!!!

As I rounded Wheelers Point this morning I turned into the public access ramp, just to see if all the ice was gone off the ramp. I am happy to announce, that the ice is gone…so if you have floating trailers, come on down, you are good to go. The reason everyone should be excited about this is, it gives everyone a better opportunity to put in where the fish are at (Four Mile Bay, right in front of the Wigwam).

I have been hounding the local talent and the fisherman that are staying at the resort for the fishing info and everyone is saying that Rainy River is still pretty muddy and cold, but Four Mile Bay and the gap right in front of the famous “Wigwam Resort” is where they are having their best success…so once again, come on down. I know it’s true because I am sitting in my office as I’m writing the blog and there are about 6 boats right out in the bay in front of my window and I can see them bringing in the fish. I bet if I opened up the window I would be hearing some pretty excited fisherman and fisherwomen.

As promised I will keep mentioning the Sturgeon Excursion, which will be happening April 24th, 25th and 26th. My friends at IDOfishing.com are sure getting pretty excited about this year’s turnout. The word on the street is, that besides the Wigwam selling out to maximum capacity (that’s what I like to see), I hear that one other resort has already done the same and one other is filling up quickly. Don’t put it off any longer…make the phone call and get up here now! The Sturgeon frenzy, which was started by my friend Brian K., has spread like wildfire in the past four years, I love it! The excitement that this has been generated is incredible and I hope all of you “prehistoric monster” hunters will come back and visit me again at the Wigwam Resort this summer, so I can put you on some other exciting species. I can’t wait to see all of you and please, even if you’re not staying at the Wigwam come on down and introduce your self to me, I love meeting enthusiastic fisherman and fisherwomen whom share my true first love and favorite hobby…FISHING!!!!

My shout out today will go to PierBridge, a member of the IDOfishing.com forums. He had made a comment yesterday in the forum that, “I sounded a lot nicer than I did when I was playing professional hockey”. I would like to say that back then my weapon of choice was a wooden Christian Brothers hockey stick, and there was only one thing to do with that…lay the lumber! These days, my weapon of choice is a Shimano, and there is only one thing to do with that, catch fish. Hope to see you up hear someday PierBridge and we can share some stories over a few pops.

Happy fishing to all, and to all a good day!

Jean-Paul Tessier
Wigwam Resort

Wigwam Fisherman


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