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Spring Walleye Fishing on Lake of the Woods

posted on 04/09/2009
Good morning all my fishing pals!!!!

More and more of Four Mile Bay is beginning to open up, but not as quickly as I anticipated, or want it to. We need some warm weather to open this baby up and I think were going to get it this weekend. I know in yesterdays edition I talked about the massive Sturgeon that we are going to be catching this year, but don’t forget about those huge Walleyes (I know you wouldn’t do that).

I have been hearing from my pals on the lake, that right in the gap and Four Mile Bay, they have been catching some nice Walleye, 17” – 32”, on a regular basis now. Even though they are brave enough to still go on the ice, I’m not, so I’ll let them catch them for now and tell me about it. I am eagerly anticipating May 8th, to be able to get out there with my boat…I just don’t recommend going out on the ice right now…it’s enter at your own risk.

I have had some e-mails about what will be included in my daily fishing report and I don’t want to spill the beans, but you won’t be disappointed. I will be collecting information from all of our guides and the local talent on a daily basis and be giving every angler the best possible chance to be “put on the fish”. Then it will be up to you to do the rest. I am an angler that still believes in presentation, but it doesn’t hurt to know what they are biting on (lure), bait, how aggressively and vicinity. I hope that this helps every reader experience a great time on Lake of the Woods, every time.

Finally, I just wanted to give a shout out to a great guy I just met over the weekend, while playing in an alumni hockey game with my old Penguins team in PA. For you that have seen the movie “Slap Shot”, you will be familiar with the phrase, “We want the Hanson’s”. They are all fellow Minnesotans and will always have a place in my boat. I hope to see you a couple times this summer when you’re passing through, and as I told you, we will catch a lot of fish and tell a lot of great stories, fishing and hockey.

Well, take care to all my fishing pals, and best of luck fishing.

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Jean-Paul Tessier
Wigwam Resort

Wigwam Fisherman


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Posted By BigBite on 04/09/2009

That's good to hear... would really like to get up there this summer.
Posted By isaacson on 04/09/2009

thanks for the report will be checking everyday