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Spring Fishing is Here on Four Mile Bay and Rainy River!!!!

posted on 04/08/2009
Good morning to all my fishing pals!

As I rounded the corner this morning at Wheelers Point (on my way to the best job in the world), I could see the river glistening, as the sun rose from the east; the ice is dissipating at a very quick rate. I anticipate Four Mile Bay to be completely open by Friday. We all know what that means...Sturgeon fishing!

Sturgeon is one of my favorite fish to catch in the bay and on Rainy River in the spring. If you haven't experience it...here's your opportunity. Over the years we have pulled up some monsters. The big catch of the year, last year, was by the owner of the Wigwam Resort (Tom Briggs), his Sturgeon weighed in at 96 lbs. Sturgeon will fight like a marlin, so where I'm going with this one is, you don't have to go to Cabo San Lucas Mexico, to fight a giant…you can come right down in front of the Wigwam Resort to experience that this year. You will most definitely have fun and keep a little more money in the pocket book at the same time.

You will hear me talk a lot about not having to use your passport this summer, because it's true. Come visit us at the Wigwam Resort and get a taste of the best fishing in America (in the world is my opinion, but it’s only mine). No matter what type of fresh water species you like to catch, there is always an excellent possibility to catch them on Lake of the Woods.

Keep reading my blog and find out where the fish are at this summer...I can’t wait to put you on the fish. Happy fishing to all!

Spring Lodging Rate at the Wigwam Resort: $27.50/per person per night

Jean-Paul Tessier
Wigwam Resort

Wigwam Fisherman


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Posted By isaacson on 04/08/2009

hey wigwam how does the cabin openings look for the week of 24??