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posted on 04/08/2009
This is cool I think what I'm going to use this blog for is journel, I'm not much
of a writter(wish there was spell check) but this is really cool. THANKS WEBDUDE!!!

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Posted By nofishfisherman on 04/08/2009

If you want a spell checker go download the latest version of Firefox and us that as your internet browser. Its a free download and its much better then Internet Explorer. The beauty of Firefox is that it has a spell check feature. If you miss spell a word while typing a post or blog entry it will give you the red squiggly line under the word like Microsoft word does and it gives you options to select the correct spelling. I love that feature, sadly to say at work we use Internet Exlorer so my spelling suffers for it. The other option is you can type up your blog entry in Microsoft Word or your word processor of choice and spell check it there and then just copy and paste the text into the text box while making a new post.