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posted on 02/08/2013
The guys fishing in florida, Tony and Elliot have done real well. There newer to ice fishing and are having a grand time on a grand lake. I gave them a few more lures to try and Elliot got a nice 17 1/2 while I was visiting. This is the first year since the crappie days that the houses keep catching fish. Shall I move the shack or leave it there? The area I have been working has been so good its hard to leave the area.
I'm thinking I will move california today closer to minnesota. Greg and Brent had caught over 25 fish yesterday in old minnesota when I left the lake at 4:30 last night. There here one more night and then I could move minnesota saturday if need be. California has not ever been fished 24 straight hours. Last friday Kevin and Rolly were in california and kept 7 and moved into florida saturday morning

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