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posted on 02/06/2013
Yesterday was one of those days that were perfect for working on the lake. I fished again in old minnesota for about a hour and caught 3 fish 2 walters and one nice size perch. I kept one walter and the perch for suppper. Dale,Gus and Hans fished from 8 to 11 and got 7. Dale said they should of had more but someone could not land there fish.
Aheter my hour of fishing I came home to get blue thunderand moved minnesota and florida for the up and coming weekend.It was kinda hard to move both houses as they both were still catching fish? Elliot shows up today for florida. After moving 3 of the 4 of my fleet I cam back home to gather a few things and go fish in old minnesota and have fresh fish for dinner as the wife kellie had to work the second shift. The move seemed to be a good one as I fished from around 4 to 7 and landed a couple of fish. The rattle wheel was set up with a purple slender jig not even sure what type of lure it is as its basically shaped like a hook with a coating of purple on it. On my rod I have been fishing all year with a northland forage minnow with the treble hooks removed and a dropper line about 8 inches with a red and white flu flu jig.
I guess I lost track of how many I caught but if I wanted to keep fish I would of had my limit. While I was getting ready to go I decided to do a little experiment. I turned the radio up and started the red baron, it took about 5 minutes tops before I had another keeper and fat 16, The biggest fish I caught was a 21 and the smallest was about 6 inches.

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