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nice weekend

posted on 02/04/2013
Well she was another great fishing weekend, kevin and rolin were in california te first night and florida the second night they did real well and said they will see me next year. Bob and loyde were in florida friday night and did real well.
Brettt and his crew Andy,andy, dave ,rob,jason had minnesota and montans,the fisrt night minnesota was on fire while montana struggled. brett was nice enough to switch house with them saturday. brett started catching fish rite away in montana while it took a while before minnesota turned on. the guys in minnesota finaly started catching fish . Brett said it was a fantastic trip and they caught well over 70 fish.
Yesterday Dale,Gus and Hans fished montana from noon to 6 and came off the lake with there 12. Dale said he will be back next year with his 7 year old son hunter . Knock on wood but so far the weekend fishing has been excellent . Not sure when I should leave the area I'm fishing as it just been to good.
I did cut a few roads slash parking spots for tow behinds, Three shacks found those trails. The one house that had 2 guys landed 15,the other house had only managed 1 even after they had moved from a spot the got skunked the day before. They had a brand new ice castle and seemed like a nice couple his name was chris but never got her name

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