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posted on 01/29/2013
Thanks Mike you sure had a nice family. It was my pleasure to take care of you.
Yesterday I moved montana as I could not see it catching anymore fish. Wow what a great spot that was. I should learn how to mark those spots with a gps. Oh well I did not move it to far and if anything I did not move it far enough. Dave and his wife Sandy rolled in around noon, After traveling over half way out Sandy was having some second thoughts, I felt bad for her but the best thing to do was get them off the lake as she was just not comfortable.
Hoagies son Mark roll in today and I have them in california for one night, That house has not been fished a straight 24 hours so I left it where it was. Old minnesota is next on the move list followed by california.
Chasing crappies is not on my to do list,Even though there are reports of a few being caught I will keep concentrating on walleye fishing at this time. If any one catches a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie we will consider it a bonus fish.
The trucks sure are getting a work out now as I'm 7 miles from home. The snow just keeps coming it only take a trace when the wind blows to make a mess of things. Oh well I love being out there so thats a plus. Blue thunder is ready for a new set of plugs and that is on the to do list this morning. She's backfirinfg pretty bad and missig on atleast one if not two cylinders. Driving out to move montana i thought for sure I was going to break down but she got me home gotta love those chevy's.
Kellie's step mom and brother are coming up today to spend a few days and lokking forward to catching a few fish with them. Kellie wantted to know why we do not fish in minnesota but if its rented not much I can do unless we fish with the customers. We wlll have a nice dinner out there with them one night as we spend some quality family time with them. maybe I can even get linda to play a game of scrabble.

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