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fishing with the grandkids

posted on 01/28/2013
You would think i could put the kids on good fishing once in a while. I had a solid plan to get out after lunch and spend the beautiful afteernoon on the lake. I had also built a snow slide in the yard. After lunch the kids all played on the slide . Foiled again we would go fishing after dinner. With the red baron packed with Kellie,me,Missy,Autum,Ashly,Brittnie,jason,jacob and matty. Crossing the bridge freaked them all out. After getting everyone set matty was a handful. The fishing was horrible with just a couple small dinks caught. Coming in when we went over the bridge they really freaked out as there was close to two feet of standing water hiding the metal plates. It even had me a little nervous.
For the weekend the houses did well again which was great to see. jacob,jenny and gabrial caught over 30 fish, Mike and his family also caught over 30 and maybe closer to 50. I moved california for Dale and his crew and they squekled out a limit by 1130 pm and called it a night. Rick,jason and matt were hitting the road this morning. Matt managed to catch a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie yesterdayis morning to move montana as it has produced well over 150 fish and it bound to burn out. I may just make a small move as dave rolls in around noon. California has only been fished from 2pm tell 1130 pm so i will plan on leaving it there for mark tomorrow

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