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posted on 01/14/2013
Daves crew arrived around 2 as well as Jason and his family Sue, Megan ,Megans friend Jake. I sent them over to florida to unpack and told them I would be over in a few minutes. I arrive and Jason has the two kids lines down and they are fishing. He also has his line down and is working on the wife when swoosh, splash there goes his rod and real straight down the hole.
Last night making the rounds I stopped and visitted Ron and his two buddies they were fishing along the pressure ridge and had one in the bucket with a couple of misses, They were fishing the same spot they fished 2 or 3 weeks ago. I then stopped to check on the guys in minnesota and montana. To my surprise it was a little slow with only a couple of fish caught or should I say some 3 fish.
Jason and his crew had only caught two small ones.
Lets hope they all had some action last night. This may be one of those situations where A guy should of left the area this week rather then try to get another good week out of this area. I imagine I may be moving a shack or three today.Oh well atleast I love my work and do not mind moving the houses.
I did mention my fleet blue thunder,red baron and the prospector hoping not to jinxs them? The prospector is dead at this time and has a ignition problem. I got lucky with blue thunder while I was working her pretty hard friday night I could here a knocking in second gear. When I checked the oil saturday morning she was bone dry . Gotta love my chev. Blue thunder has been one heck of a great truck as well as the red baron

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