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posted on 04/07/2009
Good afternoon all!

This will be my first of many blogs to come. We are revamping the Wigwam Resort website to include; A Daily Fishing Report, The Catch of the Day, Video feeds of fishing from the Wigwam Resort, Radio Broadcasts on the Wigwam, and more pictures to get your heart racing and your mouth salivating on a daily basis. The Wigwam Resort will be your passport to paradise on Lake of the Woods, and I want every individual that walks through our doors to experience everything that northern Minnesota has to offer, especially our hospitality.

Grab the keys and come on down to experience our little piece of heaven on Lake of the Woods. Can't wait to put you on the fish!

Jean-Paul Tessier
Wigwam Resort

Wigwam Fisherman


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Posted By WebDude on 04/07/2009

Great start, WW!
Posted By isaacson on 04/07/2009

hey wigwam how come you dont have a report on the web site
Posted By isaacson on 04/07/2009

never mind i guess i should have read it better well glad to here your revamping it i look at it all the time
Posted By PierBridge on 04/13/2009

JP ooops I mean Jean-Paul. I hope you are a lot nicer off the Ice than you were on the ice in your playing days... LOL