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looking for a few good walleyes

posted on 12/24/2011
Time to move old minnesota. Today I will be moving minnesota,doing some prefishing,hanging some trinkets in florida and just en joying the lake. I would say old minnesota caught around a dozen walleye,one broken line from a pike. The biggest walleye 24 incher, 10 perch and only four keepers walleyes. Its time to move to whiter pastures. Taking off in a few to wet a line and look for a spot for minnesota.
I ran into Dean from beacon harbor,he said most were still doing well out of there. He did mention the pressure ridge and was hoping it would heal. I offered my bridge if he needed it ,he wanted to buy it but I will keepeing it as you never know when your going to need a bridge.
Florida,montana and california are all ready to fish . Just have t o auger the holes. Jeff and his family will be here tomorrow for florida,then pat shows up for minnesota on tuesday as well as joe

Merry christmas to all you fellow fishermen and hope to see ya on the ice...

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