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How sweet it is

posted on 12/19/2011
It sure feels good to be working on the lake again. Taking florida out brought back memories of the greek and I taking the houses out the first year we built them and how proud grandma would be of us. I thought about that and had to call the greek in alaska and say hello.
Jigglestick and the goose happened by friday eve and needed a bed so they were the first to fish and sleep in florida this year. They caught a couple fish , Gooses has a new toy for there fishing business on winnie. He let me take it for a spin. A new ranger completly inclosed with all the bells and whistles plus mattrax to boot what a machine.
Mike,Sean and there boy fished florida saturday night and only landed 4 keepes and one 37 inch pike.
Met a couple of guys that need
ed a bed saturday night and took care of them.Cody and Derrik They had a new razor and that is now on my wish list. Reminded me of a dune buggy and I would buy one of them over a wheeler anytime.They also were very interested in taking a trip to alaska in the future. I told them the greek will take great care of them. I just happened to have 3 sockeye salmon fillets so they went home with some fish. Bet they did not expect that.They were fishing a portables next to the pressure ridge and did not do as well as last weekend when they were here.
Never heard from Chris after he moved. Ole did gety two keepers last night in a secret spot. If it was secret he must of been fishing with cusin Pete.
My early season special has not produced any thing yet?
Bob will be up tomorrow and Jim will be up tuesday with there crews

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