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been a wbhile

posted on 10/19/2011
Well we survived another summer and fall. The temps are starting to get much cooler so its time to get things done I put off all summer.This year the summer fishing was nothing short of fantastic. The old timers think it was due to the high water.It seemed after a wind the lake cleared up much quicker .
The high water this spring caused alot of shoreline damage and wiped out 5 of my houses. 3 were destoyed and the other two are not worth fixing up.
This year I'm down to 4 delux houses. I had prayed in what direction I should go and mother nature made that decission for me. "I have down sized" We all expect the fishing to be better then average considering how they bit this summer.
I will be taking the boat out of the water this coming up weekend . Its not going to get any warmer and there's a day of work getting her ready for storage.

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