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a good weekend

posted on 01/17/2011
Well it was nice to see all the house catch fish this weekend. makes a guy think he is doing somthing right.
Jill,Collin,Kendra and Kurt did well in old minnesota and had action most of the weekend. The guys in idaho were with them and did better then last year Willard thought last year the house was jinxed. They did not do as welll as minnesota but did manage to catch some fish.
Dave and Dawn had a little bit a action after dark the first night and took home 5 nice sized fish, I think dave said that had to be over 14 if he was going to keep them. The guys in california were kurdish and very nice guys. They did not do as well but were only here one night. Every time I stopped to check on them they wanted me to have a glass of wine or brandy. I tried to explain to them I do not drink while working so I had a shot of brandy with them satursday night while making the rounds. The next morning they wanted me to have some wine with pepsi. I tasted it and it was actually very good. I will be checking on the guys in florida in a bit but last night they had a nice batch of fish in the sink when I stopped to visit. Utah also had action but they used it as a day house and took home atleast 8 keepers.
Blue thunder needs a alternator belt and yesterday I headed over to Daves to work on the red baron. We needed to weld on a new hook for the block and tackle and also work on the block and tackle. I also had to check where the plow frame bolts on and darn if the nut was gone. She sure take a pounding out there. I will be moning all the houses this week and hope to get some fishermen in montana and florida for the up and coming weekend.

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