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Get Ready Boys and Girls, Lake of the Woods, “The Worlds Best Hard Water Fishery” is MAKING ICE!

posted on 11/23/2010
Good morning to all!

Welcome to another edition of the Wigwam Fisherman’s Blog. Well as many of you probably already know, Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River are making ice each and every day. The past few days we were bombarded with about 10 inches of snow and the mood is changing from deer hunting to snowmobiling and ice fishing very quickly around these here parts of northern Minnesota…Jody and I love it! These next few days will be very important as to how quickly we’re able to get out there this year and start ICE FISHING! I’ll keep everyone posted day to day as to the progress of the ice on Facebook and Twitter, so keep checking back for all the winter wonderland details.

Be sure to checkout our December 19th – 23rd Ice Fishing Special on our website homepage at www.wigwamresortlow.com. It’s only for new reservations (no exceptions), you can’t beat the deal, and I can guarantee you won’t see it again all winter, so jump on it today! For reservations, please call our helpful staff at (800) 448-9260 and get started on your trip to “The Worlds Best Hard Water Fishery”, Lake of the Woods.

On a more serious note, Jody’s Uncle, Steven Hanson of Baudette, lost his battle with lung cancer late last week. The funeral and burial were held yesterday, and this was a time for remembering and reflecting on the impact Steven made in so many lives. The eeriest thing for me was that after hearing so much about Steven, how much he reminded me of my father in the way he lived and died. This came from his quite yet strong demander, to his service for our great nation while serving in Vietnam in the late 60’s. It has been 4-1/2 years since I lost my father to cancer and from seeing the look in Steven’s family’s eye’s brought me back to that day and put many tears in my eyes, not just for my loss, but I truly understand what their family is going through right now. I did have the opportunity of meeting Steven, his family, and most of the other family members the week prior to his passing for an early Thanksgiving at Steven and Karen’s home. There were plenty of stories of hunting, hockey and service for our country. I feel very blessed to have met him and his entire family. Stevens’s favorite time of year was right now, Whitetail Deer hunting season, and it only seems fit that’s where his journey on this earth should end. My condolences go to Karen, Mike, Kevin and their families. May God bless you all with the gift of remembering and keeping alive all that was Steven Hansen…God Bless.

Ice fishing is right around the corner and the Wigwam Resort is starting to fill up for December and January already. I have to make this know, because one of our longtime patrons called me this morning to make a group reservation for the 3rd weekend in December and I had to tell him that we are all sold out of cabins. Needless to say he was a tad bit bummed, and he said, “I shouldn’t have waited this long, the guys are going to be so mad”. I don’t want anyone to have to be mad at anyone, so if you’re looking to ice fishing on Lake of the Woods this winter and you want to stay at the Wigwam Resort, you might want to check on availability as soon as possible. With the great fishing we’ve had all summer; people are making reservations ice fishing before they’ve even left the resort. Many of you have been fishing here all summer and know what it’s been like day in and day out and you’re not missing your chance to fish Lake of the Woods, and stay at the best resort on the lake (Wigwam Resort), my humble opinion.

If you haven’t become a fan of the Wigwam Resort-low on Facebook, what are you waiting for? I’m posting on there daily and have found it a great way to communicate with everyone on a regular basis. I will be posting all of our weekly meal specials and drink specials on there also. Take advantage of Facebook and everything it allows you to do. We look forward to having you as our friends on Facebook. Also, we have just received a new stock of hats (seen pictured here). If you’d like to have the new Wigwam hat, and don’t think you’ll be able to get back to see us soon, just give us a call and you can purchase the Wigwam hat over the phone (800) 448-9260. We will package and mail your order promptly.

Announcements…If you’re looking for some great fishing and lodging deals, check out the November Specials we will be offering on our website www.wigwamresortlow.com. We are running a Fall Special. The Special will be as follows: $35 per person per night lodging in the lodge or cabins (restrictions will apply with number of people in cabins). NOVEMBER ICE FISHING SPECIAL - If you book by November 30th for a February Mid-Week Ice Fishing Package you will get a 15% discount. That’s Sunday night – Wednesday night 15% off all Mid-Week Ice Fishing Packages. To qualify for this you must have the deposit paid by November 30th. Each lodging charge is subject to applicable federal, state and local sales tax. Applicable to new reservations only. I also wanted to tell you all about our Veterans and Armed Forces Special, which we have running 365 days a year. Wigwam Resort gives Veterans and our currently enlisted Armed Forces a 10% discount on any package plus whatever specials we are giving. We want to thank you all for your service…God Bless America!

If you’re looking for an affordable vacation this winter, at a first class fishing resort, you’ve just found it! For additional information, please call one of our knowledgeable staff members at (800) 448-9260, and start your journey to the “Walleye Capitol of the World”!

Today’s “Quote of the Day”…”Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.” - Albert Einstein. Well today’s quote comes from a very famous inventor and someone whom we would all consider to have been very successful. His success didn’t just come from his considerable scientific contributions, but also from being a man of value. After the events of this past weekend, it really got me thinking of what makes a man successful. Is it money? Is it power? Is it friends? Is it fame? Is it knowledge? I personally believe that the success of a man lies in the value of his work ethic and the amount of people that the individual has helped or influenced in a positive way through his/her life. I don’t believe it’s all about us. I think you must make it about others to become successful. I’m sure some people are going to say I’m crazy, but that’s what makes my world go round, helping others. Yesterday I went to pick up Jody at work to bring her to her uncles funeral, and I started chatting with her boss, who is helping out with the Lake of the Woods High School Hockey Team this winter. It really got me thinking about what I could give back to help others. I feel that through my years of hockey that I was blessed to learn a thing or two about the game, and I might just be able to help someone, or many, get to do the same things that I got the chance to do through my life in hockey. If one person gets the opportunity to fulfill his or her dream because of some information I might have locked away in my head that would make it all worth it. We are not greedy people, rather people that want to see others succeed and achieve their goals and aspirations. By having that outlook and being a man or women of value, I truly believe that day after day our world will become a better place for all. I challenge each of you to be men and women of value, and I bet your successes will be achieved above and beyond all that you can comprehend…God Bless.

Daily Fishing Report: Today we will have on and off snow flurries are possible along with variably cloudy skies, it will be cold with a high 16F with winds light and variable. Tonight we should have cloudy skies with late-night snow showers, low 8F with winds SE at 10 to 15 mph…there will be a 50% chance of snow. Tomorrow we should see snow showers early, with a steadier snow developing late in the day, high 26F with winds ESE at 15 to 25 mph…there will be a 90% chance of snow and about one inch of snow expected. Tomorrow night we should see snow in the evening that will transition to snow showers overnight, low around 20F with winds SE at 10 to 20 mph…there will be a 90% chance of snow and some snow accumulation possible. Thursday we should have snow showers possible, highs in the low 20s and lows in the upper single digits. Friday we should have considerable cloudiness with highs in the low 20s and lows in the low teens. Saturday we should see a mix of sun and clouds, highs in the upper 20s and lows in the upper teens. Well, we won’t be ice fishing out there for at least a few more days, but keep watching because it could be as little as 7 -10 before it’s safe and I’ll keep everyone informed as to the ice conditions and the fishing as they come in. I think even as soon as this weekend I might be walking out from the Wigwam Docks and drilling a couple holes…I CAN’T WAIT! Again, I will keep you all informed as to what’s happening on “The Worlds Best Hard Water Fishery”, Lake of the Woods. You can purchase your lures and bait from the same place that I get mine, Log Cabin Bait and Tackle, which is about ¾ of a mile south of the Wigwam on 172. Also, Tom’s Tackle, a local tackle making company makes all the lures that I use and you can get your own Tom’s Tackle jigs and lures at Log Cabin Bait. Use what works for us on Lake of the Woods, “Tom’s Tackle”, a local company that know what works on Lake of the Woods. Keep checking out the fishing report, and I’ll give you all the hard facts as soon as I find out where they’re hiding next. Good luck and Happy Fishing to all! Thanks for fishing with us and visiting with us at the Wigwam Resort on Lake of the Woods.

My shout out today will go to Jody’s Mother, Ellen, whom I just met for the first time this past weekend. She has been in Florida and hasn’t had the chance to make it back up here till just this past weekend for her brother’s funeral. I just wanted to say thank you for passing down your wonderful work ethic to your daughter. After seeing you sweep and shovel all weekend I see where she gets all of her spunk from. I’m so glad that we finally had the opportunity to meet. Jody and I both are already looking forward to your return next fall for the wedding. Thanks again and have a wonderful trip back to the warmth of Florida.

Happy Fishing to all, and to all a good day!

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