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Day after Day, Lake of the Woods Truly Solidifies the Name “Walleye Capitol of the World”

posted on 06/03/2010
Good morning to all!

Welcome to another edition of the Wigwam Fisherman’s Blog. I hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend. For all those lucky people who had the opportunity to fish Lake of the Woods this weekend were not let down. The “Walleye Factory” produced mind blowing quantities of Walleye, along with a hearty side of size. Just in my boat in three days we caught 25 over 20 inches…the largest being 28 ½ inches, which was caught by an excited 10 year old from New Richmond Wisconsin, Greg Weninger. Congratulations on the great catch! I think we might just have another future Lake of the Woods regular on our hands after this weekend. If you have the opportunity to fish Lake of the Woods, don’t miss out!

Last Thursday and Friday afternoons I had the distinguished pleasure of fishing with a few gentlemen from the Twin Cities area, brothers Pat and Mike Carr. The first day was pretty awesome from start to finish. We started off about ½ mile west of the US/Canadian border in 31 foot of water. The fishing was fantastic and the action was steady. There wasn’t a break for more than 2 minutes without a bite, which kept us extremely busy throughout the morning. As the afternoon approached we decided to head up to Knights Reefs to give them a shot. For the first 2 hours the fishing was awesome, but the afternoon got very calm, and as if the light switch was shut off the fish stopped biting. There is surly something to be said about a Lake of the Woods “Walleye Chop”. Day two wasn’t so nice…the weather that is. We tried to go out twice and both times the winds switched and storms returned, which didn’t allow us to fish all day. The Carr’s weren’t at all disappointed though, they said that the first day was awesome enough. Well thanks guys…hope to see you back soon.

Announcements…Poor Boys (Band) is back by popular demand to rock the Wigwam this Weekend! If you’re looking for some great fishing and lodging deals, check out the June Specials we will be offering on our website www.wigwamresortlow.com. We are running a Super Summer Special for the balance of the summer, until September 1st. Tom would like to celebrate his 12th year of ownership, and help more people experience Lake of the Woods, by offering $25.00 per person, per night lodging in our lodge every day (midweek & weekend). We would also like to offer $25.00 per person, per night lodging in our cabins, midweek only (Sunday night – Wednesday night) some restrictions will apply to minimum numbers of guest per cabin. Each lodging charge is subject to applicable federal, state and local sales tax. Applicable to new reservations only. I also wanted to tell you all about our Veterans and Armed Forces Special, which we have running 365 days a year. Wigwam Resort gives Veterans and our currently enlisted Armed Forces a 10% discount on any package plus whatever specials we are giving. We want to thank you all for your service…God Bless America!

If you’re looking for an affordable vacation this summer, at a first class fishing resort, you’ve just found it! For additional information, please call one of our knowledgeable staff members at (800) 448-9260, and start your journey to the “Walleye Capitol of the World”!

I stated this in the last blog, but it must be said again. Walleye season is here, and there should be no other place to go than Lake of the Woods and Baudette, MN, which is know by millions as the “Walleye Capitol of the World”! With a bountiful supply of Walleye, Sauger, Perch, Northern Pike, and Small Mouth Bass, Lake of the Woods is like a massive magnet pulling anglers in from thousands of miles around every single day. If you are one of the few that haven’t had the chance to experience our tremendous fishery, please give us a call and we’d love to show you around our backyard. We love to help people experience the feeling of hooking into there own trophy fish on Lake of the Woods. Every time I hear a new fishing tale, it gets me just as excited as the person telling it. I love Lake of the Woods and all of its tremendous beauty, come share that with us this summer!

Today’s “Quote of the Day”…” He who has never learned to obey cannot be a good commander”. – Aristotle. This quote came from a very wise philosopher who shaped cutting edge philosophies, which still hold major relevance today. After spending some of the day on Monday reflecting on Memorial Day and remembering my Father and what he stood for I couldn’t help but think this sounded just like him. He taught my family this philosophy every day, even if we didn’t adhere to it all the time. From my earliest recollections, I was taught to obey and respect authority, and I’m sure that my Father, without saying it, wanted us to learn to be good commanders for something that may present itself someday down the road. I hope this will help in your lives; once again, it has my…God Bless.

Daily Fishing Report: Today we should have plentiful sunshine, high 76F with winds light and variable. Tomorrow night should be partly cloudy in the evening with increasing clouds with periods of showers after midnight, low 54F with winds light and variable…there will be a 50% chance of rain. Friday there will showers and thundershowers likely, high 71F with winds SE at 5 to 10 mph…there will be a 60% chance of rain. Saturday we should have showers, maybe a rumble of thunder, highs in the low 70s and lows in the low 50s. Sunday we should have showers, maybe a rumble of thunder, highs in the upper 60s and lows in the low 50s. Today’s fishing report will be provided by myself, Tom Briggs, Billy “The Sniper” Kloos, and Kevin “Tall Tale“ Olmstead. 30’- 32 feet on the US/Canadian border should be the place to start your day. Frozen Shiners and Chubs can be used with similar results. A “Walleye Chop” helps considerably, but with a light wind, we’ve still been having success. The best method has been anchoring and jigging, so if you plan on anchoring in the big lake, the best type of anchor to use is a spike anchor with at least 100’ of rope. 3/8 oz Jigs (Pink/Gold & Chartreuse/Orange) with frozen shiners were the golden tickets this weekend and week. Tom headed up to the 9 footer today and had great results also with the same method, lures and bait. You can purchase your Jigs and Frozen Shiners from the same place that I get them from, Log Cabin Bait, which is about ¾ of a mile south of the Wigwam on 172. I hope to see you all up here, but if you can’t make it, keep checking out the fishing report…I’ll give you all the hard facts as soon as I find out where they’re hiding next. Good luck and Happy Fishing to all! Thanks for fishing with us and visiting with us at the Wigwam Resort on Lake of the Woods.

My shout out today will go to will go to Terry and Steve Carlson. Tom and I had the pleasure of fishing with the Carlson’s and it was sure a fun. The father/son duo pulled in a number of beautiful Walleyes, but the biggest came yesterday morning on the 9 footer. Congratulations Steve, we hope this is a trip you’ll be talking about for a while…nice 28 ½ inch Walleye. We look forward to seeing you and your father back soon.

Happy Fishing to all, and to all a good day!

Wigwam Fisherman aka Jean-Paul Tessier
Wigwam Resort

Wigwam Fisherman


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