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3-20 Last Ice Outing

posted on 03/23/2010


Woke up at 3:30 and started driving at 4:00 AM. Had to pick up a friend, his gear and hit the road to BSL. Missed one turn and ended up arriving at about 7:15. I didn't know what to expect but I was hoping to meet some cool people and hopefully catch a few fish in the process.

When I showed up Crappie Keith had set up a trailer and ramp for access to the lake so we wouldn't get wet and then it was a 200 yard tromp out to the spot. CK's buddy showed up with a four wheeler and helped tow our stuff out to the spot.

They had about 200 or more holes drilled so it was really fun hopping all the holes. Mark a fish, drop a line in and see if you could trick them into biting.

I went small with a ratso, no meat. The day started slow with not much more than a few perch but as the sun got higher in the sky the fish started showing up.

Me and my buddy left with our limit of nice crappies. We also caught a bunch of perch, a few rock bass and two small walleyes.

One guy out there pulled in a nice gill over ten inches.

It was a great GTG with awesome food and super cool people.

Thanks CK!

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