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NE Metro perchin 3/6/10

posted on 03/06/2010
Had a good day even though the perch were a bit smaller than usual. Still plenty of good fish for the pan and still tons of fun.

Most the fish we've found in the shallow water less than 8 ft and as little as 3 ft.

These areas are void of other fisherman right now as most are still out hunting the deeps for crappies and whatnot.

Our best bait has been an 1/8th ounce spoon with euros hanging chandelier style or just balled up on all the trebles. Going small is useless and minnows won't catch anything. Instead, and this method has been producing constant action for two plus weeks now, drop that spoon all the way down and slam it into the bottom. Immediately pick it up about 8 inches and let it sit for a couple seconds.

We only had about an hour today so getting onto the real nice ones didn't happen but we'll find them and report back soon. I think in total we had about 30 fish this size today.

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