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Forest Lake

posted on 02/20/2010
Me and three buddies went out to Forest Lake (Lake 2), yesterday around 1:30 pm. I have never been on the lake, summer or winter, but have heard good things so I was hoping we'd get into some fish. My wish came true, we did catch ALOT of fish. However, the size wasn't really there with the numbers. We caught a wide variety of fish: Sunfish, Crappies, Perch, Walleye, and Northern. The only fish with any size were a handful of Crappies, and the Pike I caught on my tip-up.
My flag went up and within 30 seconds, I was there removing the flag from the hole. It had pulled out about twenty yards of my spool and was no longer spinning. I grabbed my coated line and slowly pulled it in waiting for tension, after pulling in close to fifteen yards I was pretty sure it had spit the sucker. But sure enough, my line tensed up so I set it, and it peeled out of my hands quickly. I slowly pulled it back near the ice and it would take off again, this went on about 5 times and then I was able to get it through the hole. I was happy because it was the biggest Northern I've caught through the ice this year. Seeing the thick belly on it meant it was eating well, it was close to 30 inches and weighed around six pounds.

It was a fun day on the ice, it was so nice out we all just sat outside in long sleeves and sweatshirts until the sun went down.

I wanted to share with everyone one of the Crappies I caught, it's markings really shocked me. I've never caught or seen a Crappie that looked like this one. Let me know what you think...

Mitch Bradshaw
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