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posted on 04/03/2009
Stir Crazy is the word that comes to mind. I can't remember ever having a Winter this long and miserable. I'm sure my non existent Ice Fishing season had a lot to do with my current frustrations.
Now we may get another dumping of Snow mad smiley

I feel better now... smile smiley

Come on Spring!


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Posted By Grum on 04/03/2009

ditto, now take a deep breath, and think Jig or Lindy Rig?
Posted By WebDude on 04/04/2009

Agreed... but last year was even longer for me. School, etc... Got the batteries charging and the oil changed... let's go!
Posted By isaacson on 04/06/2009

i agree PB i've had it with the snow all i do is sit and look at the boat woundering if i will ever get to use it
Posted By nofishfisherman on 04/06/2009

Look on the bright side PB, its almost time to for Pool 2 to start giving up its goodies (atleast from shore)