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The Oahe has too much water

posted on 07/29/2009
My ussual can't miss location has been tough this past year. We made 2 trips to the Oahe in South Dakota this year and left with 22 Walleyes and 12 Walleyes between the 4 of us. That is quite different the the last 4 years we have left with 32 every time. The lake is so much differnt gaining 40+ feet in depth this year and there are millions of things to get snagged on. This time we had to move more south then ussual (Little Bend). The fish were much bigger at least and gave a better fight. I felt bad that my wife had such bad luck she lost 4 big walleyes in a matter of hours. She did manage to bring in a nice 4 pounder however. We are looking to head to the Alexandria area this weekend hoping to do better.

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