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There Are All Kinds of Trophy Fish Caught at the Wigwam Resort on Lake of the Woods

posted on 07/10/2009
Good morning to all!

Welcome to another edition of the Wigwam Fisherman’s Blog. Yesterday I had my first opportunity to fish in Canadian waters and it didn’t disappoint. I was fishing about 3 ½ miles away from the Wigwam Resort and within the first 10 minutes I had caught three nice Walleyes, but that wasn’t the best part of the night. The best part of the night was the fact that I caught the largest Small Mouth Bass I have ever caught…it measured up at a whopping 17 inches and it gave me a great battle. Tonight I’m going back to the same spot to give it a go again and see what it has to offer this go around…I will update you tomorrow on my findings.

Catching that big Small Mouth Bass yesterday sure brought back some memories of my youth. From the ages of 13 to 17, every summer our church youth group would take our canoe trip up into Canada for one week. The youths were accompanied by parents and my Dad was always eager to volunteer. This allowed me to get some great bonding time with my Dad. We were dumped off and had to canoe and portage for 7 days together as a group…what a team building experience. My father and I would go out and catch fish for the entire group to eat on numerous occasions, but on one occasion in particular we really got into some nice Small Mouth Bass and some big ones to boot. I remember canoeing and stopping over rock piles that were down about 10 feet, which we could see cause the water was so clear and just by jigging about 1 foot off the rocks we were able to start pulling the fish up one right after the other. My experience last night wasn’t that good, but it sure brought back some great memories of those monster Small Mouth Bass. I only wish that my Father was still with us to experience it with me this time around…I’m sure he’s watching from above and watching over me each and every time I’m on the boat…I miss my Dad!

Daily Fishing Report: Today we will have sun and clouds mixed high 69F with winds WNW at 10 to 20 mph. Tonight we will have some clouds this evening will give way to mainly clear skies overnight, low 48F with winds WNW at 10 to 20 mph. Tomorrow will be mainly sunny sky, high near 70F with winds WNW at 10 to 20 mph. Tomorrow night will be party cloudy skies early followed by mostly cloudy skies and a few showers later at night, low 49F with winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph…there will be a 40% chance of rain. Today our fishing report will come from our guides (Tom Briggs and Billy Kloos). Morris Point in front of the washout and the west side of Pine Island the fish are still biting like crazy on the hammered gold spinners and crawlers. As I eluded to in yesterdays Daily Fishing Report my buddy Corey Estling, whom I learned is a daily reader of my blog, thanks Corey, said that Zipple Bay is still producing some nice fish. He and his kids have been pulling Shad Raps up and down the shore between Zipple and Long Point and having some great success…I like the call Corey and thanks for the update. Tom and Billy have been heading out into the big water in about 32 to 36 feet of water in the mud and anchoring and jigging. Their approximate location is about 5 miles north of Long Point towards Garden Island and approximately 7 miles north of Morris Point. They have been having success using Pink/Gold, Chartreuse/Orange and Chartreuse/Pink Jigs with frozen shiners as bait. Today Tom when to this area and caught 9 Walleyes over 26”…WOW!!!! Don’t miss out on this great fishing that we’re having on Lake of the Woods…come visit us today at the Wigwam Resort on Lake of the Woods!

Today my “shout out” will go to three guests that are staying with us and fishing in the MTT Fishing Tournament this weekend…Scott Olmstead, Jerry Riege and Clayton Kiester (in the picture). All three gentlemen are longtime patrons of the Wigwam Resort and I just wanted to thank them each for their years of support. Everyone at the Wigwam Resort wanted to wish you each the best of luck in the tournament this weekend…go get those big Walleyes guys!

Happy Fishing to all, and to all a good day!

Wigwam Fisherman aka Jean-Paul Tessier
Wigwam Resort

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