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A couple of hours on the water

posted on 06/09/2009
Yesterday the weather was just to cold for Kellie,With a light rain and temps in the 40s I decoded I needed my fishing fix so I headed out around 3:30. The first spot I headed to was an area that I like to fish and tagged into a 26 1/2 inch waleye two years ago. I wanted to bobber fish as there was little wind and I needed to tend to some other fishing rods. It wasn't 10 minutes and I had my first fish on. As I set the hook I thought sweet this is a nice one. Rats it was a sheephead put up a dandy fight though. the next fish came just a few minutes later and was a smaller sheephead. Two for two was enough for me and I headed to a different area although I will be back as it is a fishy area.
Looking for my second spot I started by trolling a inline spinner. I started out a little deeper looking for a few rocks,when I hit 7.5 feet I had a nice fish on. Wow a beautiful 18 1/2 walleye. It was Fat and chunky. As I admired it I thought boy this one fish would feed Kellie and I. And man would a stringer of these make a nice picture. I then decided with little wind I would bobber fish the same spot. It was not long and I set the hook on a fiesty fish. I figured it may be a pike but up came a 24 inch walleye. My third fish was another 18 1/2 inch walleye that was skinnier then a toothpick? Wow what a difference compared to the other one. My forth and final fish was another chunky walleye at 18 inches. All in all pretty good fishing even though I did not get any keepers.

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