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posted on 06/06/2009
Yesterday at around 4:30 PM, I set out to catch some carp. Another MFP user was nice enough to share with me one of their secret fishing spots so I decided to try it out. I brought crawlers and sweet corn out with me, but I barely used the crawlers. I started out by trying a spot that visually looked like it would hold fish. I rested my hook baited with corn on the bottom and caught 6 or 7 bullies. I couldn't keep my line in the water long enough to entice a Carp so I decided to switch up my tactic. I grabbed my ultra light, tied on just a hook, and threw on some kernels of corn. I just let the corn drift and float in the water. I caught a few more bullhead and the smallest Northern I have ever caught.
I decided my best bet would be to find a spot which wasn't packed with Bullies and rest my corn on the bottom so as I was walking to a new spot, I spooked three Carp which were in shallow water. To be honest, THEY spooked ME I was not expecting them to be where I was walking and I jumped when they thrashed away from me. I watched where the Carp went and then I realized that there were quite a few carp swimming around in this area. I casted out my line and put it in a rod holder, I also attached bells to my rod tip. It took about thirty minutes but the bells were ringing loudly and my reel was spooling out! I grabbed my rod, turned my reverse off, reeled up until I felt the tension and leaned back. It had been years since I've caught a Carp and I forgot the strength of these fish! It was peeling out drag and after a minute or two of fight, the fish was coming to shore nicely. Little did I know, it still had some fight left. As it got close to me, the fish made one last run and then SNAP, my 14 lb Mono broke. I never got a good look at the fish but it felt nice.

After about an hour with no luck, I heard some splashing coming from behind me. I did not know this would lead to something that I will probably never ever see in my life again. The splashing was coming from a hen Mallard. It had been going on for a minute or two and I thought it was feeding because it had been swimming around in this shallow weeded area for a while now. As I walked out on this point to get a closer look, I realized something was wrong with the hen. Her head was under water and she now had weeds all over her wings, I thought she was tangled up. I grabbed a 6-7 foot branch next to me, walked out as far as I could with my knee boots on and tried to reach towards her, I was still about 5 feet short. I threw it towards her hoping to jar her loose, I missed. So I ran back to get my rod. By the time I got back to her, she wasn't struggling anymore and her feet were now sticking straight up out of the water. I began casting at her and after about ten casts, it worked! I had hooked into her leg and I wanted to drag her to shore. I started pulling her to shore when I noticed there was a lot of tension and resistance. I then realized there was something on the other end of this duck. I would pull her about two feet, then stop. The duck would then bob and thrash around a bit (it was clear it wasn't her moving herself, she was dead). After about a two minute tug of war, I dragged the duck and its predator to shallow water. I had my line tight and was just walking backwards slowly, pulling, and then I noticed a tail come out of the water. That's when I realized it was a snapping turtle. Ten seconds later I pulled them as far out of he water as I could and about a third of the turtle was exposed. I decided to make a move and lunged to grab the turtle by its tail or shell, an as I did, it let go of the ducks neck and swam away. I pulled the duck well out of the water and examined it. It's head was untouched, same with its body, but its neck, well, all of the feathers and skin were missing from the neck.
I think the duck was feeding in the shallow weedy area when it was grabbed by the neck by the snapping turtle. The turtle was then holding the ducks head under water and I would say it drowned in about three minutes. It was dead by the time I got to it. It was a shocking display of nature at its finest. I had no idea that a snapping turtle would prey on a duck, a duckling I could understand, but not a full grown adult. It was something I doubt I will ever witness again! After I realized there was something on the other end of the duck, I grabbed my phone and started recording. I was holding my phone with my left hand and I was pulling her in with my rod which was in my right hand. Once I upload the video, I will try to post a link.

Now back to fishing.......thirty minutes later I was packing my stuff up about to head home, when the bells went off again. I set the hook and another fight was on. This Carp was smaller than the other one I hooked into but it put up a very good fight for its size.

It is safe to say I have the Carp itch now.

Mitch Bradshaw
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Posted By Logan on 06/06/2009

Crazy... Lots of snappers in those areas.. Your crazy to try and handle a snapper those things have much longer necks than you would expect and they pack a brutal bight. plus ive seen them snap a 3 inch diameter stick with a bight. Not just snap it but shatter it into splinters.. Crazy man.. that duck must have been dead already before the turtle got to it.