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4 wheeling

posted on 06/03/2009
no fishing this weekend i will be up by cross lake all weekend beating on my new wheeler hopefully there willl be some mud but its pretty dry,i'm going try to get some good pic of buring it in the mud should be fun

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Posted By Logan on 06/03/2009

What kind of wheeler did you get? I love ridin'. I don't own one but once and a while my pa lets me borrow his polaris sportsman for the weekend. I used to have a DS but I had to sell it. Then I acquired a raptor and sold that after a couple weeks.. Neither of those were even fourwheel drive though so I never mudded with them much, but they were fast and had great suspension on the DS.. 650s' I'll probably get a mudder in the future. I like to run stuff over and push my way through the deep stuff..
Posted By isaacson on 06/04/2009

its a 650 cat its got the whole package and looking forward to useing the winch to get my self out of trouble,grab your old mans wheeler and crusie up this way there some trails around here but it would be more funner to go north of here
Posted By Logan on 06/04/2009

you have a boat anchor on that winch?? I personally have been saved by a good anchor several times... Once in a while there isn't a tree or anything else to hook up on. That's when one of them big anchors with the two big grabbing teeth come in handy.. I would love to go wheelin this weekend but I got some work that needs to be done.
Posted By isaacson on 06/04/2009

i have never heard of the anchor system befor but make sense thanks for the idea