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5/28/09 Fish Lake - Duluth, MN

posted on 06/03/2009
I spent the day on the lake with my Dad. Got on the water around 11:30-12:00 and fished until about 9:00pm.

It was bright and sunny with a stiff wind out of the NW-NNW.

We spent most of the day trolling spinners. Started on the west end of the lake trolling along some shallow water areas near deeper water. We hit some weedlines and some points. Fished from 5 feet out into 16 feet of water. Couldn't find the walleye in this area but we did land several pike. Fat heads landed the bigger fish while leeches were the key if you wanted the small ones.

We moved out to the main body of the lake and trolled around some of the islands. Again we started in shallow and worked our way deeper. Again no walleyes, and this time no pike either.

We spent some time back on the west end slip bobbering some known fishy spots, we took this time to eat some lunch and figure out our plan of action for the evening bite that we hoped would be alittle better.

We headed back out to the main lake to set up on some wind blown shore lines. The wind was blowing into some of our favorite spots all day so we hoped is would pack in some warmer water plus some bait fish. Spot #1 failed us (not a common occurence), we hit this spot with slip bobbers and jigs, tipped with either a fat head or leech. Not a bite.

Went to spot number two which was another island that had the wind blowing into it all day. This time we trolled as there wasn't as much structure to hold the fish. We circled the entire island starting shallow then working deeper and then back shallower again. Again no walleye, this time however the pike showed up again. Landed another 3-4 pike with an additional perch for flavor.

We fished pretty hard all day, tried multiple techniques that are proven on this lake, hit all the hot spots, plus lots of other areas. We covered a ton of water and ened the day with 6-8 pike, and a perch, not what we were looking for. We probably could have caught the pike all day long as they were pretty aggressive that day. 4-6 feet of water seemed to be where we caught all the pike, smallest was probably 16 inches and the biggest was probably 24-26 inches. Nothing huge but we didn't target them either. The bigger pike are probably in that same water right now we just didn't throw anything big at them.

The lake was full of boats today, most just anchored up on community spots. I saw one boat land a perch and that was it. Didn't see another boat land a single fish all day.

It wasn't the most productive day on the water but the weather was nice and it beat sitting in the office. I'll be back sometime to give it another shot.

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Posted By isaacson on 06/03/2009

sound like you guys got some action at least its better then being a work,thats for the report
Posted By nofishfisherman on 06/03/2009

I think I should have targeted the pike instead, at least for awhile. I know there are some hogs in that lake. I've had several make swipes at small walleye as I'm reeling them in and they were some very large pike.