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The Big Fish are Going Deep!!!!

posted on 05/28/2009
Good morning to all!

Welcome to another edition of the Wigwam Fisherman’s Blog. Today has been a beautiful, but just a bit windy on Lake of the Woods. We have had plenty of reports this morning of rough conditions due to the gusting winds, but that hasn’t slowed down the anglers from catching large amounts of Walleye! If you’re an angler that loves to catch fish, then Lake of the Woods is for you!

I would like to share a story with you about a gentleman, which one of our guests met on his drive back to Chicago from the Wigwam Resort just last weekend. Bill Z., his brother Steve and buddy Dave were filling up their truck near the Grand Rapid, MN area and ran into a gentleman, who was also filling up his truck for his drive back to Minneapolis. Each was pulling their respected boats, so the gentleman that was going back to Minneapolis asked Bill and the boys a question, “how did you do this weekend and where did you fish”? That question was answered with a confident answer “We did awesome on Lake of the Woods”! Dave proceeded to reach for his camera for the proof (Bill, Steve and Dave were the gentleman that I featured in the blog a few days ago that had a great weekend of fishing over Memorial Day Weekend). The bewildered gentleman looked at the pictures with an astonished look on his face and said, “I can’t believe it…I only caught two fish all weekend…I will not make that mistake again…next time I’m going to drive the extra two hours to go to Lake of the Woods”.

The moral of this story is, if you’re going for the weekend or for a week; don’t let yourself get distracted away from Lake of the Woods because it’s a two hour drive further. My personal thoughts are; I don’t care if it’s a 20 hour drive further…if you want to catch fish; you had better get to Lake of the Woods. I bet that gentleman doesn’t make the same mistake twice…this was a lesson learned!

Daily Fishing Report: Tomorrow’s forecast looks like this; partly cloudy in the morning with increasing clouds and periods of showers later on in the day…thunderstorms are possible, with a high around 65F. If you’re looking to get out tomorrow night this is what you should expect; isolated thunderstorms during the evening, becoming clear overnight with a low 38F…winds from the NW at 5 to 10 mph…with a 30% chance of rain. My sources (our guides) were out on the big water today, about ¾ or a mile out from Lighthouse Gap in the mud fishing at the depth of 32 feet. They are fishing with Pink & White jigs with frozen shiners. Last night between 6 pm to 8 pm, I was out by myself fishing in Lighthouse Gap in about 14 to 18 feet of water…in my little honey hole. I was having great success casting out into the current and jigging back to the boat against the current with my trusty Pink jig with a frozen shiner. Once again, make sure you’re on the bottom, because that’s where the fish are at! Good Luck and Happy Fishing!

My shout out today will go to Ron Olson (a family friend of Tom Briggs). At the infant stage of my employment with the Wigwam Resort, I have yet to get out and fish with the guests, but yesterday I had that opportunity to do exactly that with Barney Briggs (Tom’s Father), Ron and Tom…it was an excellent experience. I made the comment to Ron (the one that was catching all the fish) that I might have to change my lure to something a little bit more like his, and then he made the comment, “it’s not always about the lure”. I had a good little chuckle at that, but he was right. I switched lures and still wasn’t having the success of Ron. That was my lesson learned for the day…thank you. I will have to take you out again the next time you’re here and you will have to critique me to see if I’ve learned anything. I hope you and Barney had a great time while you stayed with us at the Wigwam Resort and I look forward to your return.

Happy Fishing to all, and to all a good day!

Wigwam Fisherman aka Jean-Paul Tessier
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