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Puppy Update

posted on 05/22/2009
Well since the last month of my life has been almost 100% about the puppy I figured I would post a few new pictures.

Just sitting there.

Giving me "the look"

Sleeping on my shoe.

Laying in the sun.

"Playing" with the cat.

He loves "playing" with the cat, I don't think she likes it much but she tolerates it.

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Posted By isaacson on 05/25/2009

nice pic nofish i really like the cat one,theres no way my dogs would play with a cat like that.very nice just like taking care of a kid eh???
Posted By nofishfisherman on 05/26/2009

Its alot like taking care of a toddler. He spent most of the weekend running around my yard eating everything he could get his mouth around. He must have eaten a half pound of the helicopter seed pods that blew off of my neighbors tree.