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Changing Winds Bring Challenges on Lake of the Woods

posted on 05/21/2009
Good afternoon to all!

Welcome to another edition of the Wigwam Fisherman’s Blog. Today we faced different weather conditions than the rest of the state of Minnesota, but the fishing was still great. Today I was informed by a few of my friends from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area that the temperature was a blistering 90 plus, while we were fighting to break 50…what gives? I guess the global warming line is right around the middle of Minnesota…ha ha. I hope all of my readers will get the opportunity to experience the nice weather within the next few days…that includes me!

Daily Fishing Report: The weather today was nice in the morning, but started getting a little breezy and we had a few scattered showers this afternoon. One of our guests couldn’t believe the way the wind changes on Lake of the Woods…I think it just keeps it interesting. Weather conditions for tomorrow look like this…sunny in the morning/afternoon with some scattered thunderstorms developing late in the evening. We are supposed to get some warmer temperatures that will carry into this weekend and Memorial Day this coming Monday. Tomorrow we should see a high of 60…let’s cross our fingers. My sources are telling me that the 3/8 oz and ½ oz jigs are still doing the trick…remember the fish are still on the bottom. The colors that have been working are Chartreuse and Orange or even the combination of both, you may even want to try a little Orange/Chartreuse/Gold…the bait of choice is still the frozen emerald shiners or live fat head and rainbow minnows. We are having the best success catching fish from 12 to 18 feet of water. We are fishing in Morris Bay and Four Mile Bay (right in front of the Wigwam) and having excellent success. I can’t wait to get out there tomorrow evening to do some fishing…I hope that all my friends haven’t caught all the fish in my little honey holes. I will give you the skinny on Friday’s blog on how I did…I can’t wait!!!!

I will mentioned this everyday…if you are the person that is in charge of putting together your group fishing trips, please give me a call and I want to offer you a deal “that you can’t refuse”. We want as many people as humanly possible to experience the Wigwam Resort this summer/fall/winter/spring…we are very confident that after your stay with us you won’t want to try some place different next year. Our goal is to make new friends everyday…I can’t wait to meet and make many new friends everyday as the years pass. Also, we have a great May Midweek Special running right now, which is, $30.00 per person per night for lodging only or $100.00 per person for one guided launch trip and one night lodging. Don’t miss out on these deals…they won’t last past the end of this month. For next month I am thinking about putting together a Parent/Kid discount…we need to get the kids off the X-Boxes and the Sony Play Stations. Don’t get me wrong…I love technology as much as the next blogger, but I think back to my childhood and I am who I am because of what I experienced. The outdoors shape lives and I need YOUR help to get our next generation of fishermen/women involved.

My shout out today will go to Brett and Connor Maas who were guests with us this past weekend. Connor had the fight of a lifetime with a monster 50” Sturgeon. He fought the fish for over 8 minutes and did it all with a youth fishing rod and 8 lb test line. Needless to say he had a blast. I wanted to thank Brett and Connor for staying with us at the Wigwam Resort and I hope to see them back very soon. Connor’s catch was tapped and put on the Wigwam Resort website under the Wigwam Video tab…check it out…it will get your heart pumping and wishing that you were Connor for those 8 plus minutes. Congratulations Connor…GREAT FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Fishing to all, and to all a good day!

Wigwam Fisherman aka Jean-Paul Tessier
Wigwam Resort

Wigwam Fisherman


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